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Does anybody has seen a BlackHole's pic on nasa's web site. Not the animated, or artist's work, but taken by some sort of telescope or satellite telescope?
I think we have no "visual" proofs of it, back hole are invisible, we can 'perceive them' by seen something passing being in disapearing, that's it. Maybe you mean a picture of a black hole vacuuming a planet or a star? This is also from our faith and theories: that black holes sucks the stuff around them, I'm very not shure that you're going to find nice real photos about that, maybe "radio" photo, but nothing beautiful as a painting from a space-artist...
oops! did I said "back hole"?

#$*&?@#?&?@!!! That's not what I meant! Replace that by "black hole"!

You get pics of the matter being ejected at the hole's axes of rotation, and the radio emissions of the stuff being suched in. So radio telescopes could produce "pictures" of a black hole.