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Need info on a research paper. any help would be.


Hello, I'm doing a research paper on the reality of time travel. Its for a general chem class, we are to write on any science subject we choose. So naturaly I went for something exciting. I have to admit, beyond the usual "knowlege" that the public is exposed to through pop culture, I'm ignorant to any real data on the subject, so Im just asking for any info, or sites that you can point me twards.

Im interested in real research that is being conducted right now, namely micro-worm hole experiments and a rumor of some type of experiment in time displacement. But If any of you know of actual research/experiments being conducted, please let me know. I would also like to hear any theories you might have on how time travel might work, or any experiments that you are trying. Well, I guess Im just asking for any knowlege at all you can give me, Its kind of hard to find stuff on this topic. So If you have any info on any aspect of time travel, don't be shy.

Im not sure when I might be back here, so if ya could, I would like to see some responses sent to my e-mail address at: [email protected] Hopefully Ill be back soon though.

thanks for your help.

Try sci.physics.research on Usenet.

The quickest way to get there is on Google. Go to Groups and enter sci.physics.research into the search box.

Lots of information there but you might have to skip the math. You will find the sort of article that you want. Once you get to the Usenet do a search on the article subject you have in mind. Make sure that you check "search sci.physics.research" and not the entire Usenet or Web.

The posters there are mostly post-grad physics students and PhD's in physics.