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New Here

I'm new here, but have been reading on the posts for a few days now. I was wondering where i could find information pertaining to the Sephiroth, Pillars, et cetera.

I would also like to say that I find all that I have read is very intriguing. I would like to be able to expand my knowlegde in this area and to learn all that I can in area's pertaining to it. I have seen ideas bounced back and forth and would like to be able to contribute meaningfully to the discusions and be able to partake in them myself.
iam new here too, but since no one else is welcoming you, i will...."welcome!" /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: cogito ergo sum

Friends of Earth TR125.0121

You could learn about the pillars, the paths and the entire merkaba structure in seceral of the posts that we have placed in the pasts months. Some of these posts are Hearts in Atlantis, Alternate Universe and The Prime Temporal Points. It is wondeful that you would want to learn more about this discipline, since the current state of our worlds demands more people interested to work with this glorious energies of the Otz Chiim.

I do hope your presence here is a gratifying one and that your contributions to this forum would be one dedicated to the development of science and the growth of lifekind.

I am sure you are here in order to discover or help discover the techniques to gain access to the temporal realm. Well my friends, there are several ways to move through time. One way is by employing devices of a mechanical nature and the other way is to utilize devices of a higher material substance, I mean by this constructs of the mind.

The Merkaba gives ample examples of how to achieve this, by using the geometry of the tree we can actually open up a passage way and reach th sixteenth dimensionality needed to timephase. Once this awareness acquired the timephaser can actually become an inertial observer of all simultaneous events in the spacetime continuum, this observancy state will be achieved from none other place than the Prime Temporal Point. The PTP is then, as I hope you experience, the first event, the first singularity created, is in itself the possibility of creation. For the PTP exists outside creation, that is why the observer can glance with ease every event.

It is as holding an ever expanding sphere in your hand and looking at it various points from a distance. Unfortunately it is more complicated than this, but this example could serve up as an initial representation of the working model of the fabric of spacetime.

Until later becomes now
Re: cogito ergo sum

jesus christ mate, take it easy with all this silly language, we are simply interested in the strange and paranormal, you seem to be a complete lunatic.
just answer the questions in your own thoughts an stop with all this crap jargon.
bloody "Friends of Earth TR125.0121" hhahaha
chill out.
Re: I have seen your type before

Friend Isus

I shall remind you that when you agreed to become part of this forum, you accepted it's terms. One of these terms were to treat every member of this forum with respect. What you have just done could easily be interpreted as an offense. This forum has had it's share of people like you, who entice on offending others. I simply tried to be polite with you, as I am with every member of this respectable forum. I beg you, if your contributions to this forum will be charged with such examples of debauchery, please retract from posting until you can share with us your ideas with a little bit more manners.

Until later becomes now.
Re: I have seen your type before

i was under the impression that posting here was " a disscusion of ideas" not ignorance to the question asked. if you reply to a post, you should surely answer the question in hand, not ignore that question and post somthing irrelevant to the question.
if your statement has no apparent meaning to the question asked, start a new thread.
is that right or wrong?
my post was totally ignored by you and you went off on a tangent about somthing completley different /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Re: Peto caelum

Thank you for the informative post, and I am here to learn as you said. I would not want to use machinery if the mind is availible, because why build something new if you can improve upon an exisiting one to work even better?
Re: cogito ergo sum

Friend Isus of TR125.0121

The way you treat people is the only way people is going to end up treating you. Work on your attitudes and let us try to be more mature. There is nothing wrong with me talking the way I talk, this are the manners I was taught. However you, sound somewhat harsh and ill tempered. Work on that. When you have truly modeled this you will be a very fine person indeed.

And as for answering questions, I really did. If you failed to see the answer in my previous post, mayhaps you are looking for something other than my honest answer.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Tempus Arcanum

Friend TelJaninAensilar

You are very welcomed. Yes the mind can be employed to further introduce oneself into the timescape. You see, time in itself is a state of awareness. If you are interested we could keep on discussing how to access the Prime Temporal Point by employing the Kabbalistic teachings of ancient masters or if you will by employing some other mediatational constructs of a more modern epoch. I truly look forward to listen from you.

Until later becomes now...
Re: Tempus Arcanum

How about we start with the more Kabbalistic approach, because I would think that more modern one would be influenced by that one as well. And I have read some of the other threads and understand the concepts but not the specifics on some of it as I am not well acquainted with the terms used.