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Well, it's been a long time coming, and somewhat delayed, but I think that in the end you'll all agree that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was well worth it.

We were hoping to have these new message boards online by Monday, but we ran into some snags, and we wanted to make it work as well as possible before going live, so I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

And in exchange for your patience and understanding, we have given you not only new message boards, but also have succeeded into saving all the old messages AND all your old user accounts! But we had to reset all your passwords because they're encrypted. So before you can post, you need a new password. To get that new password, go to our " forgot your password " form and fill it out with the appropriate username and e-mail address. If you can't remember the e-mail address associated to your account, or it doesn't exist anymore, then the only option remaining to us is to delete the account so that you may recreate it. This will be handled in a case by case basis and you'll have to e-mail me at [email protected] in order to get this done.

Anyway, enjoy. Play around in the test forum to see what new things you can do. Appreciate the lack of bugs and increase in speed.

Here are some pointers on how to take full advantage of the new message board's features:

<font color="red">To Edit your Display preferences... [/COLOR]
- First... make sure you're logged in.
- Click on "My Home" at the top of the screen.
- Scroll to the bottom and click on "Edit" next to "Display Preferences..."

Here you can choose a language to use... other than English... if you desire. Note this won't translate actual posts... as they were most likely written in English.... but it will translate all navagational text, links, error messages and instructions on the forum software end of things.

The next, and most dramatic way to change your viewing experience is to try different stylesheets. Stylesheets are pre-set layouts (or skins) for the overall design and colors of the site.
But there are several to choose from. Including 3 with Large Fonts for those who hate to strain their eyes.

Try selecting a different stylesheet and then scroll to the bottom and click submit. Keep changing them until you find what you most prefer. "Infopop", "desert" and "the blues" are pretty mild and 'clean'. "Black and Blue" and "wild" are a bit more dramatic... but choose whatever one best matches your personality and mood.

Here's where you can choose your time offset from our server time. The current server time will be shown. If you are in a different time zone than our server you can enter a positive or negative number for time offset here. This will make your post times, and message times appear accurately.

You can choose to have the "Main Index" give a listing of categories...rather than the list of forums if you wish.

You can choose if you wish to view the "My Home Page" or the "Main Index" page after you login.

Overwhelmed by the number of posts? You can choose to have only more recent threads and posts displayed. Not that if an old thread gets a reply... it will become "recent" again.

You can choose to list the posts several ways... by date, subject, poster etc... with the newest on the top... or newest on the bottom.

This is the most powerful way to change the overall function of the forums. There are two choices here. "Flat" mode will show you each post... in one long list. You can scroll down and read all posts in a thread on one screen. "Threaded" mode will function like traditional message boards. Each post will be listed by subject, and you can click on each subject to view that single message.

If you are viewing in "Threaded" mode... then "Collapsed Threads" will show you a list of each main thread subject. You'll need to click into there to view replies. "Expanded Threads" will show you the main Thread subject, with each reply indented underneath it.

When viewing the list of posts... this is how many parent threads or how many posts (in flat mode) that will be shown. You might like this number lower if you're on a slow connection, if you're on a fast connection, you might prefer a longer list.

Change this setting here and you can post without proofing. Note you can still manually override this by checking the box when making a post.

Think the size of the box that you type in is too small when you start composing a message? Adjust these numbers... and the box will get bigger or smaller.

You can turn off the face pics that appear in user profiles or next to each post here. You may prefer this to speed things up if you are on a slow connection.

You can turn off users signatures if you wish.

<font color="red">WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED: [/COLOR]
Very important. When you are finished adjusting settings, be sure to scroll to the very bottom and click the "submit" button. Changes won't take effect until you do this.

The best way to determine what works best for you is to play with the settings and see what you like.

Thank you!
Raul Burriel/Mop
The Administrator
Not that I don’t like the new layout of this forum, but what was wrong with the way it was before?

I almost reached 1000 posts. But now that’s all 0, and I am a stranger /ttiforum/images/graemlins/frown.gif.

Can you fix our status? I think you owe to the veterans
not to mention it being only fair.

Yes, the post count will be corrected. I know it's important, so it was brought over. Looks like it's not showing up properly right now, but the information is still there. I'll try and get the post counts updated tonight.

The "stranger" title should only be temporary until we get the titles set up. That may be a few days as I haven't looked into it yet, but it's definitely on my list.

The new message board went in because the old one was too slow and we couldn't keep stressing the server this site runs on. Besides being faster, the new one is much easier to maintain, has more features, and is continually be improved upon by its designers. So hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy the new speed and features and settle right in to the new board!. :D
Thanks, but your still 100 short. I put some really hard work into those 100 posts, how about a little something to show for


P.S. Take your time, I know my concern is not the only one.
The post count is actually accurate. It went through and counted each user's posts and updated their total.

The old board user post counts didn't account for deleted posts and there were likely other problems that resulted in an inaccurate count. Your count and probably others was artificially inflated before.
I like the new boards, easier to see all the replies in a post and they don't jump around like before. you can choose layout colors too which is very awesome. Just wanted to tell ya I think they are great!


P.S. TTA~ You'll get to 1000 posts again in no time at all I'm sure since you have so many now anyway, I mean, look at my count, and i've been around for a little while, I just don't post as much as I can. LOL /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
hey, does anyone know anything about out of body travel? i have heard about it and am interested in learning more
if you know anything else my username is onlytimecantell <font color="blue"> [/COLOR] onlytimecantell
Thanks for the show of support Skye /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif, it's okay if you don't post alot. It's better to post occastionaly and make sense, then post all the time and make your self look like an @$$ by the TTA
nah I'm j/k.