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New Moderator!


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Hi guys,

I feel I have not been paying enough attention to the TTI forums lately so I have selected a new moderator to keep things civil here. Roel van Houten will moderator the forums from now on. He will keep an eye out for abusive language and posts that are off-topic. So be civil. And don't give him a hard time.

Yours truly,
Raul Burriel
Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks for the job. It's quite an honour. I enjoy reading the forums every day, so it's a small effort for me to keep an eye out for abusive language and off-topic posts. If for any reason you think I made a wrong decision or failed to intervene, please send me a personal message and I will attend to it. Feedback will help me to carry out my task as moderator.

I'm pretty broad-minded when it comes to "foul" language, however I will not allow anyone being attacked personally and/or discriminated against.

Personally I don't mind when the topic in a thread takes another course, as long as it isn't completely off-topic.

Thanks for your time. I'll be watching you



edit: oh and by the way... thanks for the warm welcomes so far ;-)
[censored] you! I [censored] [censored] if [censored] been [censored] anytime [censored]. [censored][censored] [censored] everyone else [censored] [censored], what if you [censored]!!!!!

Done and Done, lol, I bet you can't fill in the blanks!
Congrats "Roel"!

Remember telling me this?:

Post 200 Re: Guns and Perspective 03/05/04 02:20 PM (

I wonder how you managed to get my name wrong (twice), since it's spelled out alongside every message I post.

Funny premonition hu? I guess this explains why... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif