New suppositions on the John Titor affair


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It may be that the specter of John Titor is phallacious, due to the following link?

Planet X said photos, from investigation group,...

What is odd to me, is that there is this detection and still there are no publications, via the Titor Ardon Kept group, as to the probability of incoming astral bodies, within any of the Titor printings?

It may have been afterall, baring the possibility that the appearance of Titor being a well planned hoax, that the tellings of and about John Titor, had been from another phase of reality.

Realities paired, always barrow from one another.

So it may have been some of the peculiarities that were to have said been happening within the Titor era of reality, in some way were paired to this one.

In other words, this would have been as if Paul Revier had started out his ride to warn of the British were coming, however somewhere along the way, phased into another reality and his warnings were actually concerning another branch of reality?

I'm not sure on this one.

Please note on the said author as an agent to John Titor, noted by the initials P.M., that this person was very well versed in computer technologies.

So much so, that by her own volition, that she was said to have managed an Apple ll E dialup web service, said to be located within the eastern part of the United States, as by her own published web sayings.

So with this knowledge vested on computer technologies along, there would be no acuital estrangement from a said Thomas Dehn, who is an avowed computer fractal master, as being her, Pamela's infinite above technical master of superiority...?

So in other words, as only told now at this relative time frame posting, Pamela's technical expertise, may have been well on a par with Thomas Dehn, as proposed capable of composing at'least some of the said shown Titor photos.>Dehn was pointed to as a red herring, in some maybe dealings as the suppooised identiy of said time traveler, John Titor.

These photos have not been investigated by a qualified web photos expert, as they well should be.

I feel the appearance of an Ardon Krep, was made well ahead of time, at the Anomalies net and this was shown on a media player, of a man with a hand held temporal device, infront of an in-liveingroom fishtank, using a laser pointer to find the weakest point within a temporal anomalies wall?

So actually, Ardon Krep, had appeared in the time frame, very close to the beginning of 2002, or even before this time period, as being only later known, as Ardon Krep, an instructor of John Titor's?

1.What I can not figure out at this point in time, is why P had fished the Ong Hat website into usage on the Anomalies. net, if the ends had been to one, create a distraction for purposes involving RNA gathered manifolds.

2.To create a smoke screen, so as to confuse certain issues of or surrounding John Titor, by the installment of the Ong's Hat web site.>There was a vehicle made from the Ons Hat site, not just said people makeing deomic love and being able to time travel from that manifiold?Vehicle was shown at begining of some interest into the Ongs Hat's goings on.

And 3.The make any investigator into the weird doings of Ong Hat New York, seem to be an ass, since the nature of the web site, is later changed, it seems on purpose, from its original stance, as to how this web site was first presented, by PM?

Question marks to all, I'm not sure, however there is evidence I have found as to this cause.

This is supposed to be another reality, to where the Nazis won in Europe, however the U.S. remains free.

Could it be that Titor Krep et. al, are indeed from this said reality?

The said appearance of Planet X would effect al multiple realities, this may or may not be the case, as this planet might not exist within one set reality of phase.

Note also that said time travel expert Carlos X, has told of conditions in the future by his studies, that show, some veracity to the said Moore-Titor claims of the new AFE.

A conservative would have also said that X may be a confederate of P.M.?

This is a normal train of logic and I can not pass this off as inept logic, by the use of being made a fool of, or personal conflict, from having known be web, some of these particulars.

What I don't understand in what I have put forward here, is to what intended purpose would be these published tellings of the Titor as well as Ong's Hat doings.

To me, these do not make any sense at all.

>Please note with reference to a inter system's manager, which P.M. has said that she was.

This m person must know how computers, as well as net systems work inside and out.

The excuse that her interest were based in an Apple ll E peak and poke series of system, in order to cover-up a more finite complex equation, certainly does not cut it here, with reference to the M.S. mode of operations.

These sayings are not an attack on P.M.. or anyone else, its just that the amount of hours, as well as the vested interest of many, many people, requires a new look into a casted future of the new brought forward facts.
Re: still more question on the Titor affair

Relayed conversation from the, on how Titor had traveled in time, using points in time, in a similar fashion to multiple elevators, with respects to travel in timelines, as said by Moore.

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I doubt he came here for a computer.
That was an excuse, and a weak one at that.
He was probably here to start something in motion, or prevent something y2k related from happening.

That 5100 computer thing is a great way to keep people from getting upset about his changing our future..Kept us off his back, while he did what ever he wanted to do.

Or maybe he wanted to play with the stock market. He arrived end of 2000 then left march 2001 then went to 1998, then mysteriously showed up summer of 2001. That back and forth business could make a cat alot of cash.


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Originally posted by

1.I believe the computer John needed was an IBM 5100. He was related to an important person at IBM, I believe it was his grandfather.

2.The IBM 5100 was needed to help rebuild
post-nuclear holocaust earth.

3.He picked it up in 1975.

4.The reason for going to 2000 was to get pictures of his family.

5.After the war of 2015, most pictures of his family were lost.

6.I do not know why he went to 1998,
but he might have needed more data on
pre-catastrophe earth.

7.Also after 9-11 security became very tight,
so I think the John is reluctant to visit
us now due to the high degree of personal risk.

Pamela Moore retorks to Carlos X

Carlos. some of this is not true.

1. He said his contact with the person was more important than getting the computer itself.He also said the only people that will believe you are a real time traveler is someone who is related to you.He was chosen for this reason not because he got A's in physics 101.
2. not true.
3. true
4.not true.
John said: "From the very point I turn my machine off on (B), I create a new worldline just because I’m there. This line can be described as (C) and started when I got to (B).

I am now doing my mission on line (C) in 1975 when I discover a very a good reason to go forward on (C) and see what happened. I turn my machine on and go forward on (C) to the year 2000.

When I turn it off, I start another line called (D). So from my perspective, here we are on line (D) in the year 2000. In order to go home to line (A) I must turn my machine on and go back on (D) until I reach (C) which in turn would take me back to (B) which in turn takes me to a point before I arrived on (B) then I go forward from the point I arrived on (B) back to (A)."

However he did get pictures of his family while he was here. As well as lots of archival information. All of Art Bell's web site was saved believe it or not.

As well as several other sites. He also acquired lots of video of the last election and surrounding events.He also said he brought back books. Books that were lost during the war. I guess a great deal of knowledge was lost.

5. true.
6. no'one knows the real reason. But I feel it has something to do with the answer in 4.

7. True. It is no longer safe for John to expose himself here.

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>Creedo 299 ask a question>Well if John Titor did infact come from our future timeline as Pamela Moore has now said, then what information, if any did he have on said Planet X?

Is Planet X a hoax, even though we have lots of sightings already, from

If there is a coming happenstance about to effect us, then why did not Titor say anything about this?

Secondly, if there is a diminished workforce beyond the year 2026 and they have trouble finding places to manufacture, as well as decent working conditions, then how did they produce the hand-held time travel machine, used by Ardon Krep?
Re: still more information, Titor affair

IMO this is most interesting photo attributed to JT.

Is this gravity curving space and light?

This is the caption that went with the photo.

"This is a picture taken in the fall of 2035 during my training. It shows my instructor beaming a handheld laser outside the vehicle during operation. The beam is being bent by the gravitational field produced outside the vehicle by the distortion unit. The beam is visible through smoke that is coming from his cigar."

Could Enistein get his device up to this level....might be real insteresting if he could.





Pamela Moore replies>

Actually this was one of the pictures John was reluctant to share with others. I had to convince him to do it. I like this picture.
This picture was brought with him from 2036.
So the picture ,if real ,was taken with a camera from the future. He found the picture in his journal he said he didnt know he brought it with him.
According to him it didnt show that much.
The instructor is in the passenger seat.
There is no light outside of the window because the machine is on at this point. But he said it was on low power. Even on low power the light is shown to bend when it reaches the feild outside of the window. John is in the drivers seat taking the picture. The machine is in the back seat.
Most would argue with why isnt the smoke distorted as well. Because the smoke is not in the feild. The light is only bent where the feild is in operation. That feild can be adjusted.
the light is bent OUTSIDE of the window at the point of feild operation. The vehicle is like within a protective shell.
The background darkness should be interesting enough....if real this is a picture of inside of a blackhole or wormhole or what ever it is you want to call it. A place where you drop out of time and are traveling..All the light is bent and disappears.

Since the feild can be adjusted they may use the laser to double test how far out the feild is. ?? Just a guess.

I guess when it first starts out a beautiful rainbow like effect is observed as all the light starts to bend around the car. John said its like driving under a rainbow bridge.

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Here is treversals picture he tried to link.

treversals picture

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Here is treversals picture he tried to link.

treversals picture

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What it is like on the inside of this time travel device, is not similar to a black hole.