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new theory of time


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hi.... this is the new formula i created...

T = expanding space^3 * all mass of space^3 * the speed of light^2
---------------------------------------------------------------(divided by)
all energy^2 * existing space * the speed of light

this is not the correct one.... but it is simmilar(couldn´t find my papers on the matter now....)

please comment.....
Why have the speeds of light ^2 in the numerator and the speed of light in the denominator. One of the numerators will just cancel the one in the denominator. So all you will be left with is the speed of light ^1 in the numerator.
I originaly created this formula to try and calcuate he amount of mass in the universe.
according to my calcuations there should be 0.0181415 bilion cubic lightyears of mass. i just fiddled with it a little to see if i could make anything with time from it.....
Does this figure also include all of the "Dark Matter" that is out there. I've read that dark matter makes up most of the universe.
no this fiugure contains all matter except dark matter. this is just normal matter such as rocks.
darkmatter is everything else.

// Emanuel