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I am new and I was hoping for a little bit of advice from someone who might actually be able to help me out.

I am not a scientist, nor did I ever think of time travel before, though I was told by a few friends, it sounds to them like I should talk to someone that might know a little about it, maybe even to understand a little, as this has been confusing for me. I should start from the beginning.

I was thirteen in May of '87 and cutting school. A guy in a white truck circled the block, kept looking at me, and finally asked me to take a ride with him. Of course, I have always been the outgoing type, but was hesitant until I looked at him. Nothing was out of place, he seemed nice enough, and his eyes were very.. Familiar??? Never seen his type of eyes before, never have again.. Until two nights ago. On with the past, he drove me around, scolding me (he was only maybe in his mid-twenties) and pulled over for awhile. This might make many nervous, but I was strangely comfortable with him, as if I had known him. Then he asked me if I believed in time travel. My answer "anything's possible." He looked hurt, but didn't offer anymore information as he drove me back to school, anxiously checking his watch, and watched me until the door to the school shut, separating us forever. Never did see him, or those piercing (violet?) eyes again. Never even thought of them again. Until two nights ago.

Fast forward fourteen years. I had a normal day, normal night, and a normal rest. My dream will haunt me forever though. I had a dream that (this is going to sound insane, but hey, it's a dream) I was looking up toward a purple sky, sitting in a field of bluish flowers. I felt him behind me, though he had a tossle cap on when I turned around. He smiled, it was those violet eyes, it was him! He told me that this was the only way to safely communicate with me. I wasn't surprised or afraid, I felt secure again. I took a walk with him, I'm sure that it wasn't even familiar enviornment as I looked around. I never seen a landscape like this, nor a sky that even resembled it. I don't remember what we spoke of but we did. It seemed (like all dreams) real and to last forever. I didn't want to leave. Someone that resembled a shadow made me. The last thing I remember was sitting in a shuttle type vehicle, losing oxygen trying to get back to "him".

I know I should be talking with someone in the field of dreams, but this just sounded like the right place to find help, or at least find out if something like this could be on the outskirts of reality. Again, the enviornment I was in in the dream two nights ago, was something I have never even seen in movies before, awesome, breathtaking, beautiful, but the air was filled with danger.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your time and help!!!!!!!
Oh come on Vividdreams. You’re a writer, you come on the TTI board, and make up some crazy story about a 13 year old girl who get’s into a white truck with an adult she doesn’t even know?

Please, get real… I think you should change your name from vividdreams, to ***dreams!

:D okay with all kidding aside, are you on any kind of mental drugs?

Hey enforcer, yes, I am a writer. This happened to me. Re read. ne way, I only came here to see if I could get help, not to get criticized.

I was just hoping that someone had the answers. By the way, if you re read, you'll understand. I said that at thirteen, I was very outgoing, but hesitant towards strangers. Got right in the truck with him.

Of course, I could have been another casualty of some sadistic idiot, but come on, how many thirteen year olds really think?

Again, I was only looking for help.
Per your request VD, I did re-read your post, and must congratulate you on your excellent memory skills at age 13. After not thinking about this guy again for 16 years and suddenly remember in "vivid" detail every feelings and emotion of that day, well that needs to be congratulated

As for how many thirteen year olds really think? I take it you don't have any kids or know very many young adults now adays… I wouldn’t under estimate them, many are quite intelligent and have a high sense of maturity that even I my self envy at times.

The TTA recognizes their efforts to excel and commitment to values, I gotta hand it to them, they re-assets my hope for humanity.

And as for getting criticized... tough /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif!

You're tough enforcer. But not very well read. I didn't recall in VIVID detail my REAL account with this man. Just some details stick out from that day. And if you re read, it was NOT sixteen years ago, but fourteen. The reason I remembered his eyes was due to a DREAM. Do you know what hypnosis is???? Am I wrong in saying that it triggers memories you may not even have realized you had??? Same way a disturbing dream can work.

Of course a thirteen year old is going to remember for the rest of their life an encounter like that. I can't remember every word that was exchanged.

I wanted to simply see if my experience could have been extraordinary or what. And you must be very naive to believe that no thirteen year old female has gotten into cars before with handsome strangers, wow, just watch America's most wanted or any other old law enforcement program once. It doesn't take book smarts to be at a loss for common sense... .But of course your reply showed me you know THAT all too well.
by the way, I come from a family of five, and have THREE of MY OWN. My own consists of two sons and a daughter, I have three younger sisters and a little brother.
Enforcer?? I have a question for you: What do you think I have to gain coming here to ask for help?

There are plenty of dream sites out there, this just felt right. You have to admit, it's not as far fetched as some other claims, it's just an experience I had with a stranger, and a dream that followed that over a decade and a half later.

As I said, a few of my friends just suggested that I find a time travel site. That's all. I didn't know that I would offend anyone.

There's more to my dream, Enforcer. I thought that someone on this site might know that if they read between the lines.

Take care.
You wanna talk to me about not being well read /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif Look at you, who had to figure out their own age in 1987 three times?

As for me being naïve, please… I didn’t say every 13 year old wouldn’t do what you said, I just said that there “many” who are smart and wouldn’t do that.

What happened to “Reading between the lines

*<<Enforcer?? I have a question for you: What do you think I have to gain coming here to ask for help?>>*

I sense no real hidden agenda coming from you /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif… But this is what the TTA does. I examine things from all possible angels and render a realistic assessment of it.

*<<As I said, a few of my friends just suggested that I find a time travel site. That's all. I didn't know that I would offend anyone.>>*

You didn’t offend me /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif. I am just being the TTA… You may not like me (not that I am wanting to be liked) or it may not seem like it, but I am the most trustworthy and considerate person you may ever know. But not to worry though, you go on ahead and find your answers to your dream... I won’t criticize you again.

Maybe :D.

Hey Enforcer!

You're right, It wasn't the age or the date, geesh, it was the years I confused myself on!! I feel a bit ignorant right now!! (Confused doesn't satisfy me, what did I say about common sense, told ya I was lacking.)

It's funny, but I do trust you. I wouldn't have wasted my time otherwise. There's alot more to my dream than meets the eye. I'm missing something very priceless to me...

I know I need someone that could tell me what HAS been happening to me lately. Thank you much Enforcer.

Take Care
Re: Jumping in

Friend Vividdreams of EarthTR125.0121

I read your story, yes it does seem quite extraordinary but not at all unheard of. THis sort of events have taken place in the past for as long as I can remember.

TTA the fact that this person does not remembered it correctly does not automatically disqualifies it, as a matter of fact it might be quite true.

VVDR do not take it personal, TTA has a very nasty habit to try an demoralize everyone´s claims, a nasty habit indeed. I could say that most of the members of the forum have been derogated by his remarks.

Now, I could tell you this. PLenty of humans making their happy little lives on the surface of this world are reincarnations of people that used to live on other planest a very long time ago. HOwever your experience does not pertains to this kind of phenomenon. YOurs belong to another one entirely. In some worlds and in some other realities, some races have uncovered a way to travel to distant parts of the Galaxy by a method rather unorthodox. They need not a starship, nor to have control of time or anything like that. They simply get to be born on a new world, by a process known as telecorporelectroscopy. BY so doing they form a body that could actually withstand the rigors of the chosen planet, by all means being a natural of the chosen world. The thing is that thanks to the cellular memory make-up, they start to get insights as to their true origin. When the process is not performed as it should most of the travellers end up quite insane, but if properly done the traveller will cope up with its reality and its actual true destiny.

Before you all go thinking that this is a fine method for invasion, it was so several centuries ago. Fortunately for us it is no longer.

So as you see Vividdreams you could have well experienced this process.

I hope you find out soon.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Thank You

Thank you Transient!

TTA is alright in my book. A little harsh, but understandably so. I have found out more lately, it's a little ironic that I have not stopped dreaming the same dream since that night!

I will find out more, I am a determined individual, I won't stop until I find out what's happening to me.

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to read my post!
I will give updates when I have them.
Re: Jumping in

Whoooa whooa there trans... take it easy there /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif! And here I thought we were "friends" now?

VD and I have been in personal contact through private e-mail. She knows that the TTA was just doing his job and that there's no hard feelings between us, right VD

But if you want to make this personal again, the TTA can certainly show what's under the surface of this transient facade of yours. After all, the TTA did just catch you kissing butt :D.

Personally I perfer peace between you and I, but if I need to defend against your inaccurate assestment of my charecter, then so be it.

Your choice.

Re: Chronologically impossible


I am truly sorry that you understood what I said to Vividdreams in the earlier post. Do not get touchy. Yes I consider that we are on good terms on the present time. I hope it remains like that for the next 100 years or so. But what I meant to say is that sometimes my friend you can be very blunt, mean and outright blatant. In my opinion that kinds of keep poster away. Man, they can even be scared to post here. Yes, it is clear and true that you keep the unserious type away, but man you can sometimes pack a pretty nasty punch to the ribs.

Please do not pay attention to my last post If I offended you in anyway, I am sorry. But what do you mean by my transient facade. To the best of my knowledge I do not consider my way of life a farse. And please explain when did you catch me kissing b*tt. Please explain.

And yes I might have been wrong about your character old chap.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Chronologically impossible

Hip-hip cheerio Trans,
*<<but man you can sometimes pack a pretty nasty punch to the ribs.>>*

Thanks for the compliment... If people get scared away by the TTA's comments, then maybe they shouldn't come here and assume that someone is going to swallow their New Age theology without a debate.

That's their mistake for underestimating that there's still come critical thinking people out there who won't roll over at their call, and whine & $%@^# about it when they don't.

As for the kissing b*tt, you know what I mean

Don't deny it, you knew you wanted to make your self look good in front of VD by putting down the TTA. But I was 1 step ahead of you, and I already did look good in front of her :D so there!

With all joking aside /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif let's just say for the sake of argument that we are even now, and that you were mistaken of my charecter. It's cool, your only human, even I make mistakes too.

But not here /ttiforum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif.

Re: Chronologically impossible


It is nice and dandy that we are on good speaking terms, but what is it wrong my friend with understanding that what we call New Age, or even old religions are nothing more than symbols and equations for greater scientifical truths left behind thousands of years ago by geniuses of our own world. The problem is when those symbols are revered by what they seem to be other than by acknowledging what they really stand for. For example the ancient god Hermes. We were mistaken to accept it as a messenger good, we should have known that it was a symbol for the power of the speed of light, tempered by the will of the human mind. He was not to be taken as a simple messenger rather as the principle or law that light is everywhere and once a particle is presented in it´s light form it could actually be everywhere at the same time.

So you can see that it is not new age nor religions nor magic nor anything else the cause for alarm, but the unlearned minds presenting this symbols to their followers. Many of these people actually forgot what their symbols really meant and not knowing any better deviced mythical reasons to keep the symbols as god figures. But to be honest they are simply powerful, some self aware, principles that make the universe go around.

Read from you later..when it becomes now.
Re: Chronologically impossible

Transient, Enforcer,

I am addressing both of you because I wanted a chance to say something.... Thank you both, and I am very sorry if my posting caused any harm, it is not my intentions at all.

Enforcer, I think you are what your name says, it's my opinion only. It's okay not to want garbage on the board and to try to chase away anyone that isn't completely serious, you live up to your name, and you truly are intellegent and thoughtful.

Transient, you are gracious, intellegent and thoughtful, and you have been patient with me and willing to help out such a lost soul, because of you two and one other person in which I have had the most eye opening conversations with from this board, I have been finding, slowly but surely all the answers I need, but as we all well know, to find everything it may take a thousand lifetimes...

That said, you're both brilliant beings, you have no idea the profound effect and impact your time and generosity has granted me.. Me.. A skeptic.. I feel as though I'm being born again, or rather, awakened thanks to you two and one other that is truly a remarkably brilliant being from this board.. Thank you.. And again, I am deeply sorry. You two both were simply assisting, and making sure this board stays true....

Take Care both...
Re: A Farewell?

Friend Vividdreams

Thanks a lot for the compliments, they are truly swell. I truly hope that one day, you a skeptic, get a glance of that which some people never have to see again in a million years, truth. Once you get a clear picture of that which you are seeking you need not to worry about anymore for it will forever be with you.

One more thing, you are not a lost soul, all of us on this realm are seekers. Some seek more than others, but seekers none the less.

Mayhaps, someday you will glimpse at your own home world, be it through a dream or timephasing perhaps, but you will see it and then all those missing pieces will fall in place. But until then,
let us wait....until later becomes now.