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Hello all. I was recently (4 hours ago) given the full report from the posts from John Titor... Frankly i was unconvinced until i did a little research on CJD I do believe we are ignorant... We may all be infected with it and not even know it. I live in Amarillo Texas, some of you may know this to be the heart of cattle country in the United States... If we were to test every cow in hereford ( approximately 7 million head ) i believe we would find 1 to 2 million infected... Just for safety reasons im discontinuing eating beef products.. I would do the same if i were you also... Any comments concerns???
The crux of the mad cow disease, would seem to lie in two areas.

One would be existing herds that have already been infected by other heards carrying CJD?

The second one is over-efficiency, to where leftover items created during normal operations in farming are apparently plowed back into feeds for non-meateating animals.

This would be sheep, chickens and the like, which have a differing protein base, other than proteins occurring in meat products in general.

A Prion or building block of matter is created and this travels up the spine and then innervates into that non-meant eating animals brain, causing a form of disease, which is similar to a known disease contracted by cannibals, known as ku-rhu.

This investation rapidly becomes a debilitating disease, where through the neurophagic materials of the brain, the pia matter of the brain begins, at a rapid rate, to denigrade.

Once this process begins, there is virtually nothing that can be done to stop this process and the victim, rapidly begins to loose all control of functions of their own body.

PM said that John may not have come from this time;line, then recanted this say, by saying that he alternate elevatored into this time, by catching sequences of other timelines, in order to get to this time.

I feel that what supposed Mr. Titor may have done in coming here, is to now change this timeline?

>The answer to CJD disease, would lie in the area of molecular engineering, to where a serum could be engineered, that binds to the pri-ons themselves, as that integration into the nervous system of the body, as a chance, would be dramatically lessened.
Exactly how did jt say that this was going to happen? I think he said about 20,000 casualties? Anyway i could see this happening in 2004 contributing to extra security and a potential civil war. If you could help me out and tell me how JT described the Mad Cow pandemic it'd me appreciated.