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I am producing a series of programs for The Discovery Channel on the concept of Time Travel and am open for ideas and/or story lines we should consider. Our target demographic is 18 - 40 and the material should be solid without being intimidating and dense.

Ideas and suggested interview guests are welcomed.

thank you.

Don Young
There's lots of great theories here on this message board, as well as at the Time Travel Institute, proper. Theories with simple (even "stupid") names that everyone can understand.

Stuff like:

the "Ghost Theory"
- You can travel back in time, but you take the shape of a disembodied person, unable to affect time in any way, thus avoiding any time-altering paradox. This is also similar to the "Time Window Theory" where you can LOOK back in time, but not travel into it or affect it.

the "Kill Your Grandma Paradox"
- Travel back in time, kill your grandma before your mom is ever born, and you're screwed. Because, if your mom is dead, how can you be born? This is usually associated to several quantum dimension theories (i.e. when you travel back in time, you're actually affecting other dimensions/time streams, but never your own)

the "Beacon Theory"
- Recently, "Chris" on the message board proposed the theory of "loopholes" - that time travels can only travel back in time to a place where a loophole has been created for them. In effect, a beacon of them to travel to. Which is why no time travel has ever travelled to our time, or beyond our time. Because no beacon has ever been created. When a beacon is created for them (say, in 2014), they will be able to travel back in time from their present (say, 2208) as far back as 2014, but never further into the past than that.

Some of these theories are explained in greater detail on the Time Travel Institute's webpage, under "Methodology". While the institute is fictional, the theories put forth are real.

Thank you,
Raul Burriel/Mop
[email protected]
Make sure that you inform people that there may be strong possiablity
that time travel may have been done in the past.
T.V. shows like X-files and X-Factor have done shows dealing
with time and space. We may not understand or be incontrol of it
but it's still out there.
I believe the pass is the answer of our furture, and our tool to
move ahead.