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Hello all, just joined and having fun reading the posts by others so far.

I haven't had time to research whether my question has been asked a million times or not but I thought I would just go ahead and ask so I can go my merry way and start posting on other subjects. I'm not here to ask one thing and then leave, I plan on being here from now on.

Anyways...I have been generally obsessed with time and space travel most of my thinking life but one notion regarding specifically time travel always puzzles me.

If we are currently trying to come up with a practical way to travel in time whether it be forwards or backwards, it seems to me that we would be getting visits by future travellers right now. Since there is no credible information I have read that says this is the case it makes me wonder whether...

A. Only time travel into the future was eventually perfected but going into the past remains unnatainable.

B. We put a lid on the invention so tight and created rules regarding its use that were so secure that we will never actually know we have been visited.

C. Our history has been changed numerous times but we don't know it nor will we ever.

The problem I have with option C is that it seems cruel that some of the worst offendors in our recent and distant history and some of our greatest mistakes were never stopped or altered.

I am no scientist as you can tell, I just have a fascination with this subject and rarely meet anyone who even wants to entertain the thought of discussing this topic and its many ramifications. I can take it, lay it all out as to whether my logic is limited in its scope or whether I am thinking of this subject in too superficial a manner.

I promise not to write speeches like this in the future and I appreciate any responses you may have.

Here's some speculation ahead.. please remember to suspend your belief/disbelief as you enter.. THE SPECULATION ZONE..

Under the kind of time that John Titor suggested, there are infinite parallel universes such as in the TV show, "Sliders". Everything that can possibly happen has happened, thorughout all of those universes. Such a concept has been around for a while.. I remember reading material from an entity claiming to be "Seth" through this channeler Jane Roberts, and he spoke of such ideas, this was around 1971 or so. Discoveries in science such as quantum mechanics have also yielded bizarre concepts about our universe..

Supposedly as John Titor suggested, you cannot time travel back to your timeline.. the further you go, the further your divergence from your probable reality. He even suggested that as he returned to his time, he would most likely not be returned to his own particular timeline, but one that was so close to it as to be indistinguishable. The other John Titor from that timeline would have gone back in time, and he would have come back in that person's place.

Anyways, if you're travelling a significant distance in time, youre now someone with no background or past. No fingerprint record. If there's another version of you alive, they are of a different age as not to be confused with you. So, if you happened to be investigated by whatever government was in charge.. you would seem to be a spy warranting further investigation and incarceration. It seems likely that time travellers would want to keep a low profile.

Taking the practically infinite number of parrallel universes concept, not every timeline has a timetraveller, and they would not be going to all of the other timelines.. just to some of them some of the time.

I believe John mentioned that he thought it was possible that "aliens" and the "ufo's" we have heard about are more sophisticated time travellers.. that they are not extraterrestials but from one of our distant probable futures.

Okay, exiting the speculation zone-- you can put your belief/disbelief blinders back on.

Hope my ramblings here gave you a possible answer to your question..
I would hope to say that our civilization at some point will be advanced enough to send people into the past, as apparently they can't now.

If we can assume this, we can also assume that we're able to send people into the past...
Thus we have been visited (most probably) and we can safely assume that it's top secret...
One of the many reasons I think the whole JT story is a hoax, mind you...

If he visited us, then we've been visited thousands of times... but, wait, that wouldn't be really all that possible would it? Wouldn't someone notice something?

there must be some pretty tight rules on that whole time travelling business out there in the future... This is all in speculation of course.