"The future ain't what it used to be."

New view. If time is percieved



If you percieve time then you can alter your perception and conclusions to the ability to bend, break or loop time. The mechanics of it would be simple mass movement from one point to another. Wormhole, black hole, etc.
Dropping a rock on your toe is simple mechanics.
Getting it to un-drop after the fact is a chore of a higher magnitude. Maybe reality only has 'room' for a tiney set of actualized events and for an event to get accepted into the fold, as real, it has to be witnessed by an existing member of the group. Maybe EVERYTHING has happened but we do not consider it so untill we SEE it happen.

Time then, would be an interconnected biological energy field produced, in concert, by a group of living beings who agreed on what is happening in their 'right now'. Time could also be macaroni & cheeze....given enough believers.
Well lemme see I've heard the name. Is it stock car racing or baseball, I really din't remember.

Is it......ah, no no that was LLoyd Bridges. Well welcome aBOARD!