"The future ain't what it used to be."



Temporal Novice

By Amy Neamora, staff reporter:

During an interview at his Huntsville residence the infamous Creedo 299 of the now famed TTI posting board, was involved in a brief scuffle, during an interview.This was durring and interview over him taking leave of real wimen pics and engaging in virtual reality babes.

Creedo gave a brief interview while exiting from his work related condo and had accidentally pushed this reporter to the ground due to crowding, during the interview.

We now have a reply of this interview.

Creedo:Well yes' I've given up looking at real wimen, due to the problem of pop-up switching.Popup switching gives subject matter that is either illegal, or untasteful to the viewer. I'm now going to view cyberbabes./

Amy attempts to speak to Creedo and due to the crowd, reporter shoves microphone into Creedo's face at which point Creedo refers to reporter as an unamitable bit*h.

Reporter then refers to Creedo as a nonreal doll lover.

Creedo then feels bad, helps reporter to feet and apologises.

The interview continues.

Mary with the New England Sun>Then you feel that by sporffing in.front of your computer terminal, that you're not breaking any moral codes?

Creedo>No' quite the contrary Mary.I feel that virtual cycberbabes, done in high quality web formats, time has come.

Mary of the Sun>How is that Creedo?

Creedo>Well Mary, there is almost no danger of disease, little attachment after viewing. And the web hoster does not have to worry about the viewer ever calling the website, asking for such things as phone numbers, or e-mails.

Amy>Who is your current flame, Creed?

Creedo>I really like the girl who is pictured center in the Final Fantasy game.
She somehow resembles Jennifer Aniston, but much more athletic.

Amy>You care for her then,... Creedo?

Creedo>Ahhhh' it's nothing serious, but I am an admirer and have gotten to know her quite well.

Mary>How serious is it?

Creedo>I don't know on this one.

I mean I look at her, but when I look into her eyes, it's as if she's not there or something..?
Almost as if she's not real; a creation or something?!

And there you Have it, Amy Neamora, JEN-5 News, Huntsville

Sources for artifical love-sporf; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3207462.stm

OMFG creedo... just when I give up on this board as being completely devoid of any intellectual or entertainment value... you gotta pull a stunt like this!

I love you man. All that crap I said about you in the past, I take it all... actually... Ok well actually I still mean it, but I love you all the same.

I would totally make out with you if you were a girl, or perhaps even a goat... even if you were 300+ lbs and ugly!

That's how much I think you
because of this post!!!

Carry on!
Totally agree with you Seigmund (apart from the making out bit, especially if a goat)!!!

But yes, Creedo...... the best!!! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/loveit.gif
News flash...Beep... Beep... Beep... Porn Man wires eyeballs to a defibrillator; sets the voltage to Kill, and smiles as he goes flying around like a fire farting chicken... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Please note;Cyber-babes are orthological computer driven graphical representations, of humanlike beings, generated by a digital human computer interface.These interfaces which produce either still or animated representations of humanoid figures.

Examples of this technology would be, such people as game subject characters.

Foreinstances of these would be either the heroine, or hero of any virtual multi.coordinated digital game.

These for the most part, within certain projected eras technologies, are not seen as real figures.

Know however' due to the hidden factor of both holography, as well as the physics phenomenon, known as photonioc light pressure and the ability of holographic projectors to represent at a distance, and actual figure, digital human-like representations may be perceived as real, or unreal?

This one factor would preside with the self intelligent software systems that might drive such an image and as to whether this image is self aware and reactive with other life forms?

Note, a (love messy), may or may not factor into any sort of animaited digital holo-interface?
Please note;Cyber-babes are orthological computer driven graphical representations, of humanlike beings, generated by a digital human computer interface.These interfaces which produce either still or animated representations of humanoid figures.

In which case, you should be interested in this: http://www.missdigitalworld.com/MDWContest/showpage/16

My favourite? Kaya on page one (the German lady, not the Brazilian). I think Natalie should be disqualified, as she's obviously Natalie Portman.
Re: I know it\'s out there somewhere, a symphoney

Words and Music by David Tyson,Tina Arena and Dean McTaggart
Wynonna Judd, Heaven help my heart:

Note prior to lyrics:
I know that maybe Wynonna has some problems, however this woman has a very powerful presence and in this one piece of music, she breaches quantum barriers, through the adage of sung vocals.
This piece is done firmly, with a rocking horse cadence and the delivery is, soo very powerful.
Its not in the lyrics and I've added it, but Wynonna says, in the actual on-air play cut, (that your a lot like me).
I don't think that I've ever encountered a vocal that is so stirring and gets into a person, the way that this one rendition by Wynonna Judd does.

In time travel as well as exploration, the ability to reach across barriers and express friendship and caring, is almost, absolutely vital.
I could not capture it any better than Wynonna Judd does it within this song?

Lyrics and song start here>Two smiling faces, that's how,. it,. use,. to-be
What once was forever,.. is now a faded memory

The perfect illusion,. For a while I guess it was,.Without explanation
The bloom fell off the rose

Heaven help my heart
'Cause your a lot like me,..I'm wonderin when this all will end,.. And I'll find the love I need

I know it's out there somewhere,..Somehow' I still be'...lieve

I'm asking please,..Heaven help my heart?

2.This world can get crazy,..Hmmmm, These are troubled times?

I'd walk through the fire,..Oh'.If love is what I'd find

It's out of my hands now, So I put my faith in you
And say a little prayer And hope that it comes true

(repeat chorus>Heaven help my heart,..'Cause it's a lot like me
I'm wondering when this all will end And I'll find the love I need

I know it's out there somewhere,..it's a symphoney
Heaven help my heart