newtron stars {2}

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firtsly lets think how matter could be caught in a stationary orbit,if all newtron stars rotate at 700 times per second so would its magnetic fields think of it like a giant whisk with a nucleus...objects approaching the limit of its magnetic influense have three choices...1} hit it at a shallow angle and bounce off. 2}hit it at a steep angle and accelerate to the nucleus 3] hit it at the correct angle and be caught in a stationary orbit again this would be very fast indeed. imagine choice one at a shallow angle in the correct direction ,objects would be catapaulted away at whatever the final velocity time master comes up with having taken into account the velocity of the nucleus and its density...he he. further proof? well you wouldnt observe any matter within its limit of influense however you would see matter being dragged into its highly dense outer ring...because of the outer rings influense it would drag the magnetic field fairly flat ,wich would explain why black holes appeaR FLAT ALSO matter escaping from the center of such object is obviuosly following the strongest line of magnetic force wich may also catapault objects away at light speed.
if you are refering to an object being catapaulted away then if the speed at the outer limits of influence really are close to light speed then its mass would increase to its critical point therby increaseing its density but it would maintain enough velocity to<break away> at a slowerspeed retaining its increased density from its brief exceleration to light speeds
it is also possible that such an ecounter would throw the object away at the same or increased velocity rather like the outdated fair ground ride that people used to sit in the middle until the g forces through them outward to the edges.