No Math in Time Travel.


I believe that it will require three things to make time travel a possibility. I believe that it required three things to make the moon landing a reality and that these three things are needed to make time travel a reality. First I believe that math is essential. Second I believe that physics is a must. Most importantly though I believe that God must be willing for it to happen. However this is not uncommon for in order for you and I to breath our next breath requires three things. First, it requires math. Second it requires physics. But most importantly, it requires God's permission and command.

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Edwin G. Schasteen

Forgive me for making this a spiritual arguement but to me spirit and science are unified conscepts not counterdictory ones.
I don't see why a machine could not calculate the date and time...after all 'spreadsheets' do it all the time...
Just take today's date as 'day 1' and put in a simple formula - like the 'IF' function..
more to the point, what kind of engine would 'drive' the software...and how would we prepare for an unknown environment?
I once read a book called the Creation, the book was alright but there was one line in it that I really liked. "The only faith you need is to know that everything can be understood, but in the end there is really nothing to understand."

Thankyou for the website. It was very informative.


Edwin G. Schasteen