"The future ain't what it used to be."

No public time travel postings



Am I just being paranoid or are there no public postings on time travel? Maybe the problem is on my end.
I guess I don't know how either it seems they disappeard . Please somebody tell us where they went. clara
Truly free socieities live by innovation.

Within the stores of information as held in Dr. Anderson's Time Travel Institute, you will find reference to how the Philedephia Excpierment had degraded the quality of mentality of humans here on this Earth.

This may cause problems in some humans being accepted into the greater cosmose, as part of the plan.

One of our resident gene, which is one of the many past old line genes is Andromedian, which is dualy posted in the VHS film (Alien Autopsey), as well as Col. Steven's book (UFO Crash At Azteck, A Well Kept Secret).

Because of this past blended genetic influence, we as a human race, are of great intrests to many offworld species.
However due to the virus rejection factor, of our underlying baselog, "I'm sorry", we are not a salvation plan for some of these alien races.

I have noticed that when people generally tell the truth, that they are attacked.

I myself have been attacked twice now, for telling the truth and consider the information as told on Dr. Andreson's web site.

I am on recorded as saying that in many respects the now present Earth bound human race, is dieing out.

When those who are in control are despratly trying to achive a heiarchial stance of total dominace, the words phrased, (dieing out), is probably not what they want to hear.

An intresting conundrum indeed?

I wish nobody any harm, however tranplace space as well as time traveling man against the other races of the cosmose within his current behavioural stance and these races in some case are thousands if not millions of years in advancment of Earth based man; then I'm sure that you will see problems.

Do you see a problem Mr. Richard 18, or would this be noted as a cosmic quantum bubble of nofactual perception?
<<I have noticed that when people generally tell the truth, that they are attacked>>

Like the time you told me to shut up and keep quiet, I don't know what I'm talking about? Then yes I do know what you mean

And the question was...Tha da da tha da?

Would it be possaable to modify mankind, so that he would be worthty to time travel into the future?

Answer is still no.....aaaannnnndddd this statment makes as much sence as, "I am against time travel.There should be some way that we can stop this, so that future transgressors from the future do not come back and contaminate our time line.

Ya could say lines, however line will do just fine.

Okey dokie AT-Tac, you go modify man.

And how ya goin to do this, when we can't be modified?

Evolution's already doing this process, however ya can't rush it!

We are already worthy and you don't have to do any cellular modifications at all.Just get in your favorite brand X time machine, or spacecraft and go.

Ahhhh' but the clincher to the definative of your questions should be and you had left this out, to WHOS standards.

Why is the Uncle Bupitty Bill, George The Pope, or the local Girl Scout Troup?Hmmmm this statment poses real problems as we now see, that there was possably something of a deception or hidden fact within your statment?

Ya need to go to the bathroom and think that one over?

Go ahead.
I'm not saying anything. I don't need them on my back either. It seems we are being watched. all the more reason to keep this conversation going in order that we can tell each other what is happening. I hope nobody suddenly stops posting. I may get worried.

tta: do you remember the symbol that had the four sections to it. I think it was you who posted it, maybe not. does anybody remember. I found a symbol like it on another web site.Whoever posted it did you see this somewhere or If I remeber correctly who ever posted it said they dreamed it. I can't send you back to the post to see it because its not there anymore.

The symbol let go Clara.

They don't even have the entire desing posted.

Belongs to others, I'd let it carp?
REimportant message to cat &TTA

You will be very interested in this web site
http://www.clydelewis.com please read the report at the top of the page it is about the numbers. I called this guy about the numbers after I read his web site. clara

Hi. Nofactual quantum bubble? no such thing. all universes exist simultaneously, consciousness causing relativity between state, being the only distinction operator. therefore, "perception" as such, is valid only in the eye of the beholder. in our case however, the perception you are refering to may be in the eye of a "beholder" that is the consciousness of the universe. We are then a part of the events perceived. therefore, What you are saying is of possible relevance, I just dont have the balls to to accept it unquestioningly. (is that a word?)

Brandon Richardson