"The future ain't what it used to be."

No such thing as a poor man, vice versa



In the future, it will be easy to duplicate gold and platinum. (Going back in time with the gold to the spot you were at 1 second before.) This will ruin the market and commodities will become worthless. You won't have to sell goods; you could simply duplicate them in this manner. If you take this to the extreme, you can duplicate planets, stars, and maybe even universes...thus, a parallel universe...
Yes-Yes, sounds wonderful. But duplicating planets and stars, that’s a little far-fetched speculation if you ask me.

Can you give some evidence that would support your speculation? How would a replicatetor be created, and how would one work?

It’s good that your using your imagination, but you need to ask your self and try and reason how it could be possible.

You don’t want to be the kind of person who has blind-faith in people and things, without knowing how they first work.

We shouldn’t jump the gun in excitement every time someone has something neat or new, without considering how they function, and what’s it going to cost us.

We can suffer for centuries for those mistakes… I should know, for "I am."

Hey pal, slide me a couple of universes, its getting crowded over here.

Pass the katchup,

and an order of magnitude please.
Excuse me waiter,

I'll have the universe with all the STEAKS please!!!

Hold the ONIONS!!!

Put the bill on Claras tab!

How come I wasn't invited for dinner. My ears have been burning so I knew my name came up somewhere. don't you guys think if this existed things would be disappearing and reappearing before our eyes continuously. We would all be in the nut house.
this is serious guys. do any of you know anything about the ufo in Montana or some kind of base or vortex. I may be moving there and am a little scared because I've had so many strange experiences with aliens and such. I don't want to put myself in harms way. I've been doing real good for the last year and would hate to start all that crap over again. Have any of you seen the alien who wears the white 1 piece suit with some kind of emblem on the right side of the chest. It has very long fingers with long finger nails. It is not agressive in any way. could it be from the future.Also could the vortex be the portal they are coming through. I have seen pictures of the mystery house in Montana. If you haven't seen this just go to search and punch up Mystery House Montana it should come up with a picture.
Please help clara
Just think of it this way. Research takes time, right? If you have time travel, you literally have all the time in the world. You just travel back in time to be able to do more research. What I'm trying to figure out is how far can you go? How advanced can we get? Will we just be an infinetely advanced race?
If you go back in time, you will go back to a certain point in your research, and start there again, no new research would have been done.

We will never be an infinitely advanced race. The only thing that keeps the human race alive is our need to know more. We will never know everything, it is ignorant to believe we ever will. If we know everything, where will we go from there?

All I know is, if we ever have time-travel available, no one like you ever gets their hands on it.
<<We would all be in the nut house.>>

No, maybe just you

Sorry, I couldn't resist that.
Chris , no I'm not joking why should I be . Do you know anything about this subject. I'm still on the topic aren't I . These guys could be from the future and the portal could be the vortex in Montana. Maybe thats why the base is there. Who cares about all that stuff in Jesus's time what are they doinng now . Are they not coming back to this time period. Have any of you read THE PRISM OF LYRA It talks about these travelers and others as well from our own time. They are not the only ones who are here.