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Please note to time travlers and historians only, the only contact that I have had with time travlers, within the vocal range, are a series of robotoid time travlers, "that I'm guessing are Gray stiled machines".

They had contacted me when my time travel intrest was in its infancy, and had said, to me, "We think we know who you are"?!

A memeber of this time travel posting board, had called me, using a voice disguiser and his phone intrusion into my home was not welcomed, as I had threatened to notify the police.

My contact with these beings, was not the end result of a human disguised by a voice augmnetation device, but I feel real robotoid Grays.

Again, I honestly do feel, that within the future tense, that events may have turned so bad for the Grays, that their only surviving vestage, are highly inteligent Gray stile androids.

I know and understand automaited androids and robotics systems, as a result of both my advocation within advanced forms of technology and my computer training programs.

In some measures, I fully trust lower animals as well as advanced forms of robots better than I do most humanoids.

Not mentioned here, was technical assistance given to a probable John Titor, in order for him to return to his dimension.

Due to time travel safty protocols, this task had to rapidly be done.

This was by past i.p. link.

Thank you Sworn Creedo299X9
Creedo, you said:
<<A memeber of this time travel posting board, had called me, using a voice disguiser and his phone intrusion into my home was not welcomed, as I had threatened to notify the police.>>

Not welcome…? The police?

And what should we do about your intrusion huh Daniel? What kind of police can put you away and throw away the key for your crimes?

And about the phone call, you said it was alright
seeing as I was just playing a joke with you. Although your humor of the situation was a little creepy, for I never heard someone sound so paranoid. I could have sworn I heard the loudest *sign* on that old beat up payphone when you found out it wasn’t an Alien or Time Traveler calling. Seriously though, you need to get out more

<<In some measures, I fully trust lower animals as well as advanced forms of robots better than I do most humanoids.>>

Get out more… or see a urologist to take care of your impotence. I for one find humanoids very interesting

Not that I have experience in this, but I am sure humanoids are a lot more satisfying them animals, if you know what I mean :P haha.

<<This was by past i.p. link.>>

What the heck is an I.P. Link?

The complained Lack of engineering reports, concerning the time portal, hyperdimensional resinator and the time vortex displacement unit:

Please note to historians from off this world, as well as time travlers, who may want to know more about the technical history of this time.

There is a fellow by the name of Steven L. Gibbs, who has manufactured three differing time displacment devices.

My mentioning here is neither to plus or non-plus these said devices, however to only show as effective to this date, there have been no performance engineering reports placed on all three of these devices.

I, in private confrence with a poster at the Tec-time board, had raised the question with reference to the hyperdimensional resonaitor.

This was mentioned to the effect, if such a machine uses the human body, as its main component to to size and mass equations, is there a danger of either memory rhyming the human body, to go back to other times, as a result of using this device?

Or is there a danger in some way effecting the natural electrolite balance, within the human body, because again the body seems to be the main component used within the balance design of the HDR?

There has been an interview by Steven Gibbs with a Mark Chormnofsky, an interviewer from FATE Magazine with Steven and subsaquent claims made by Gibbs, which I will neither refute, or support!?

However what is of issue here are the operations of these peices of machinery and asked engineering reports, concerning their collective operations.

The second device, is the Time Travel Displacment Unit, which is a pyramid in which the user sits within, which supposedly by its said performance does generate a vortex over ley, or gravity biased vortex lines, durring the full power aspect of its operation.

Again the question had been raised at tec-time, does the creation of an active vortex, as to where the operator sits within this pyramid device, cause or pose any known danger to the operator of such a device?

We had our reason for asking this question, due to the possabilites of going zero, within a time travel frame, due to the phenominon of mass rhymining, which had been mentioned as a result of the Phildelphia Expierment technology apparatus spinoffs, sa said within the 1940s supposed use.

**See reports, sailors invade a local bar, by useing such derived devices, so causeing commotion and a fight, riot to occur??--Source many reports of the after-effects of the P.E. expierment:newspaper reports additionally.

This last statement is of concern, as the human bodies chakra systems, within themselves are miniture vortasies.

Is there a potential joining or coincidence of the two potetials
in the use of the TVA, which either might effect the operator at a later time, or in some way effect the health of the operators health, at a later date due to any supposed magnetic disruption from being within an active vortex?

The last device is the time portal window, again promoted by Gibbs.

I have had one reply back to me, that this said device had been constructed and sucessfully used.

This is good to hear at least one returning asked engineering report to this effect, however my concern since the operator had said that he had only looked through the device. Is there a way to be able to enter this device and then activate a re-entry profile of gained access, via a remoter control?

This was said to have been the laiseric technology abilities of the John Titor core of time future engineers, useing a laser activiated time entry portal system? However, with reference to the Gibbs TPA access device, there is again no engineering sheet offered by Steven Gibbs.

It is the vested right of the purchasers of these devices, by consumer laws both U.S. as well as international, to be afforded asked engineering performance reported, as either disked or paper data, as an asked byproduct when any such machine is being sold to the general public.

In my early time travel protocols, I had also suggested that a training course be either devised or offered, in a similar nature as one would want to train a private pilot.

This would be so as to stop such contrivances as branched future realities, as a byproduct of interfearing within the past or future, as well as parallel time lines.

Thank you, sworn, Creedo299

"Beeeep Bip Bip Beeeep Bip...I need to learn Morse Code to understand you sometimes!

Remote Viewing, Trajectory Images, fortune telling! AND ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE VIOLATED MY PRIVACY IN ALL 4 OF YOUR POSTINGS TODAY! Daniel if I can give you any good instruction I would lead you in the direction of G-Ds teachings and views regarding your "REMOTE VIEWING!" and for seeing the future in condemnation towards good will! FOR IF YOU HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT YET THIS IS MY TRUE MISSION IN REVEALING THESE TIME TRAVEL MANIPULATORS SUCH AS YOURSELF! A good lessons stems right out of the bible from the story of King Solomon seeking out a fortune teller to see if he would win the biblical war? and because he lost trust and faith in G-D in those hours, The war was lost!

SONOFBABYLON spells it out perfectly in his posting under the new thread by TTA, "The barriers between the dimensions and their perspectives." That angels and demons are part of a non-corporeal realm and we are stuck in the middle. The angels can manifest themselves to us for short periods of time and so can the demons, but the demons cannot reach the realm above us where the angels are. Because the demons reside in a 5 dimensional realm, they can see into the future for short periods so this is why psychics can foretell the future. They have learned to travel the astral plane between the two realms, Also, every single thought we have can be seen in their realm. This is how and why they know us so well. The modern day Nostrodamus uses these exact methods and is able to accurately predict the future. He writes his quatrains to deliberately hide the timing so as to prevent anyone from escaping the consequences of his predictions. So what good are the predictions except to elevate himself and the demons he gets his information from. That is why I mentioned in a previous posting to you that nothing good can come of psychic abilities!

When we sin we vibrate down to the level we are at now. Our job is to vibrate back! These ignorant universe people that you look up to and believe so highly in, are saying the same thing but I think it is to get us to vibrate downward to the demon realm. We as human beings have no clue as to the implications without proper instruction of how to travel the plane between the realms. This study is regarded by G-d as the highest purpose we can be following. He "LONGS" for us to be there. In his "NAME" not false WITNESSES!

Daniel, you posted about yourself:

<It was only in 1981, after seeing the Steven's outakes on Group Westinghouses P.M. Magazine, that I went into a light state of shock,, this is physically and socially speaking.Date September 1981. In April 1982, I went through a period of death-like sleeps, where I had derived my personality from a memeber of the Billy Meier set of Pleiadeans, known as Semjase. This was a process of death, that I had recognized in the Fall of 1981 and at this time, I had thought that I was dieing. In 1982 April, can not remember the exact date, I became bed ridden and went through a further process of death, which were a series of death-like sleeps. After these series of sleeps were over, I had trouble with my own identiy. No drugs or neurological conditions, to indicate that these series of sleeps were anything other than a type of metamorphasis. At this time, durring these sleeps I could only get up and go to the kitchen for water.It was at this time, that Semjases time traveling with Billy Meier earlier, had hit me and via some sort of prion link. I had gone back to the time of the dinosaur, physio-mentally, with Semjase. It took me one whole year, to learn this society all over again, as I had almost eighty percent of both my memeory and personality erased.

If I may lament to you! Don't you see you are opening yourself up to these demonic forces AND THIS IS THE OUTCOME OF THEIR ATTACK ON YOU! Come over to the good side and fight these alien entities off! They really have no busness with you! If you leave me no choice Dan BUT TO KEEP INVADING MY PRIVACY! and not attempt to fight them off, then I will have to infiltrate and fight them off through proper prayer for you, from my remote location! They have barked up the wrong tree in using you as a vehicle to get to me!


P.S. This device and its counter parts that you mention in your posting above from Steven Gibbs will not work without Godly insite...
RE: TO CREEDO answered, Time history note:

Please note, that CAT is not accurate within her complaints about me.

I also have broken off any intrest to her, or other members of this board.

This relates to the privacy act.

CAT has shown that she does not understand the past Atlantian gennises, which in part the Atlantian sected Pleiadeans are from.

Also other members of this board, seem to think that the stopping of all time travel abilites, will somehow make Earth a good place to live again.

It was noted that with the Destroyer Eldrige, penitrating a giant hole in spacetime within the 1940s, that all kinds of aliens could come into this dimensions, where they could not before.

So to claim that all time travel, let alone magnetic anomalies are bad, is not a logically sound statement.

Because of the mistakes made within the Andreasson Affairs, it is now shown that the Christian-jewdeaic God is giving us all what is known as lea-off time, or time to get our affairs in order.

Demons are not a method of seeing into other dimensions as Ms. CAT had said and I have no idea what her or the others are talking about??

End of conversation.

Creedo 299

<<They have barked up the wrong tree in using you as a vehicle to get to me!>>

Actually Cat, I think Creedo is purposely inviting them, didn’t you see his petition for off world ambassador of earth

He says he doesn’t invade anyone’s privacy, but we have proved before that he has. And then has the gall to say that I intruded on his privacy when I called him up to just say hello, and maybe scare him a little, for a joke
and maybe a good laugh or two?

Something is a little off in Daniel’s logic... For he self admittedly stated that he is capable of all this and is a gypsy. And he is obviously touching base on certain aspects of your life. And having told him this multiple times to cease and desist, and his continued encrypted riddled posts proves he is what he says he is not doing. Invading people’s privacy. Again…

Daniel you’re not just a hypocrite, but also a cad. I dare you to try your crap on me
. However, if you could, I’m sure you would have done so by now. You must of failed miserably.

Sorry, but I just can’t respect a guy who can’t be sincere; who makes empty threats, who’s willing to forge someone’s name to a document that was never willing to be signed, and bare false witness to events. That’s just wrong :P.


Creedo, you posted above to me,

<Demons are not a method of seeing into other dimensions as Ms. CAT had said and I haveno idea what her or the others are talking about??>

Creedo you might be interested to know as to who you have been "sperm depleting" yourself with!

Semjase was a fallen angel! One of the angels who were cast out of heaven and imprisoned in the fourth or fifth dimension. They originally were called "the Watchers" who lusted after the children of men and and intermingled with human women and had bore children which were giants and were eventually destroyed. Semjase ascribed all sin and wronged mankind and was found to be unclean and a defiler! Semjase residence and
location can be found in the Abyss of fire! (HELL)

you can find refrence to Semjase and the fallen angels in the book of ENOCH CHAPTER 6. You can also find refrence to Semjase in anchient Sanskrit writings. This info just adds to the fact that you are really dealing with DEMONS which have forbidden secrets.

Creedo, you also posted above to me saying,

<CAT has shown that she does not understand the past Atlantian gennises, which in part the Atlantian sected Pleiadeans are from.>

Well this is how I see it that some of these hot shot guys in the government today who have plans for taking over the whole world and making everything all happy and hunky dory with them in charge! If they knew what was really going to happen they would
still continue with their stupid little plans to make money and try to control the world? YES! GREED IS A SICKNESS!

In relationship with the Atlanteans lets take for example the Mars monuments. Suposedly from the info I gather the Atlanteans were the originators of the monuments on Mars which later associated them with the Egyptians? I also heard that structures on the moon had been discovered? So than it would be safe to say that Atlanteans/Pleideans had advanced technology with inter planetary ability!

So than the question should be what did the Adlanteans use these structures for? Perhaps energy transfer points for crystalline power! These crystals must have gathered Sunlight. And it was necessary for them to have power gathering stations on
Mars and the Moon.

Did this increased their power? Not necessary but it is not necessary for you to have a million dollars either. Get the
correlation? Atlanteans were POWER HUNGRY the way our society is money hungry today. And the roots are the same, money equals power in any culture. Was the accumulation of this
power what brought about their downfall? Yes partly including the cataclysmic plate techtonics. And its obvius as of today that they lost control of this power?

Your remote viewing capabilities are nothing to brag or boast about especially when you use them to invade others privacy! You should be reserved with this knowledge as it is a gift! But redirected and used with only good intentions instead of false witnesses! TIME TO CHUCK SEMJASE TO THE DUMPSTER!

I have heard it said, you should never make eye contact unless you can keep eye contact...

RE: To Clara, our effigey doll, please relay to CAT:

QUESTION ASKED"Whaaat happened to Clara, what did you do to her"?

ANSWER;Well Mr. Big Rat and his giant knife of berating sin, killed her off this board.

Got her in a small room and relentlessly went after her, till she was destroyed.STATEMENT;Isn't that nice? ANSWER;Well yes, it's great what are we going to do about it?

We will build a Clara effigey doll, to celibrate Clara's disappearance from this board.

"Gee, I loveD her so much, as she was a great friend and had good charicter, till THAT THING, the NUT got her cornered?

Dear Clara Doll, please tell your very best friend CAT, that according to the Spiritweb, the origional Atlantians as well as the Lemurians, may have been fourth density realmed beings?

This means they could have been out of phase beings, not visually accued to our way of seeing, when they came here to Earth.

What compounds this problem, is that as time went on, they began to phase into the third density reality and the only way they could find affinity, was the use and then later on, the overuse of crystaline matter.

After while, this was similar to a substance abuse addiction and the Atlantians had tried every which way, to capture what they once were in charicter, however could not.

It may have been also that parts of Lemuria were once refered to as The Garden Of Eden, untill Lemuria had sunk?

By keeping the name Semjase, she admitts that she is invested in sin, which to an extent we all probably are guilty of.

However the last kicker, is the varible nature of this sun and its ability to expand.

This factor is not even taken into account by some extraterrestials.

Ed Dames had even mentioned this on Art Bell's show.
This statment was additionally reinforced by the Naviho Spirit Walkers, that this sun was starting to change.

Who knows what humans would be like, if the moved off of this Earth and broke free of being a raised crop?

In finality, my Clara Dolly, why the Atlantians were power hungry, is that this not understand this system, nor do I think that they ever will.

As I said before, the Atlantian sected Pleiadeans seem to be the go-fors for the other sects of Pleiadeans, who are much older within their delineate natures.

Preston B. Nicholes says this right smack dab in the middle of his book Encouters In The Pleiades, where he describes the Pleiadeans very much differnt, within physical appearance that the Billy Meier noted sect.

I know that everything is going to be alright now that I have my Auntie Clara doll.

"Oh NO! "he's not comeing, Mr. Pervese Dirty, who makes little children cry and traps wonderul women inside of rooms and frightens them, to take my Auntie Clara Dolly!

"Mommy! Mr. Nut is comeing this way and I want my dolly back, Mr. Nut took it".

He's over there Mr. Policmen, that the dirty man who stole my little dolly.

Boo hoo' I want my dolly back!?First he took away Auntie Clara, and now my little Auntie Clara Dolly!!!

RE: To Clara, our effigey doll, please relay to CAT:

Creedo your one sick puppy. It’s not so much that you make fantasy tales and use people’s name without their permission, but now your making voodoo dolls of them too?

And then you say that your not intruding on anyone’s privacy and that demons have nothing to do with what your doing.

Please… Stop lying to your self and others.

Clara left because she couldn’t convince us of following her creepy New Age doctrine that’s why. Anyone who can simply go back and read the posts, and determine this.

What they determine about you on the other hand, is that you’re the “NUT” all along

Did you read my reply to you on the “viewing time before traveling” thread?

I hope you enjoy hearing the truth from me again

RE: To Clara, our effigey doll, please relay to CAT:


The last posting from Clara said that she was leaving this board because of me and my Cat dream! (that she associated with being Nazi) And I responded back telling her that I was just fooling around and being obnoxious towards you! But personally if you want my opinion, I think the real reason Clara left was because of you! She became very quiet on the post when all this exposed information about you being a hacker came out! Maybe she started to think about how you really knew about all her issues? You spooked her and maybe she just didn't want to let you in on her suspicions, so she blamed it all on me using my dream as a scape goat!

Than again maybe she's just tending her garden and enjoying the summer? or maybe she is at one of her MUFON meeting! or helping out with that animal shelter? Or maybe she decided to go to church?

But if you want to get in contact with Clara and clear this matter up, you could probably reach her at her email addresses which she supplied here on the forum some time back.

[email protected] or prloghomes@hotmailcom

I myself have never emailed Clara, but I'm sure she would like to hear from you and maybe you could clear this matter up. But watch out with the voodoo dolls or Chuckys gonna get you!

So you openly admit that you know that Semjase is of the demon nature and that's ok with you? you see no wrong in this that you are being inflicted with illness and manipulated against your will! Be careful with this, as the sins of the father are passed down to the children!

As for the Atlantian crystals, this knowledge extends farther and back to the very creation of our known universe, and exceeds well past the pleidean and lemurian galaxies, its mountings are a sybolistic cartography for space travel. What is your understanding of the true "origin" of crystals???


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