Nostradamus viewed “future history” on a computer


Temporal Novice
The Nostradamus Oracle consisted of a magic mirror” upon which ‘luminous chronicles’ were viewed, a brazen tripod, and two “magic wheels”.
Similarities with the Babylonian and Delphi Oracles include the use of the rite of Bracchus and the brazen tripod, plus Nostradamus named one of the wheels as “The Destiny of Nations” which is very similar to the “Tablets of Destinies” of the Babylonian myth and the “Decree of Civilization’ of the Sumerian myth.
The above parts of the Oracle respectively refer to a computer’s monitor, the CD-Tray in the CPU case, and the compact disks ‘Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean’ & ‘Grolier Encyclopedia’.

Nostradamus documents how and upon what he received his prophecies in his first Quatrain.
Some English commentaries give; "With the aid of a brazen tripod, he sees the future flicker before him out of the darkness. Sprinkling his hem and feet after the Apollonian rite of Branchidai, the trembling seer hears voices and sees a divine apparition".

But let's see what he says himself.
In his letter to Henry II he says that his revelations (cloudy visions) were perceived through a "burning-mirror". (Which refers to a computer’s monitor.)

C1 .Q1 French
Estant assis de nuict secret estude Seul repose sur la selle d'aerain;
Flambe exigue sortant de solitude Fait prosper qui n'est a croire vain.

Sitting alone at night in secret study, it is placed on the brass tripod. A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and makes successful that which should not be believed in vain.

Word Investigation: Looking in my French Dictionary, gives;
Seul repose = resting alone
sur la selle = on the saddle
d'aerain = of brass

"Resting alone on the yellowish saddle" = placed in the yellowish CD-Rom tray. The tray is the “hollow” saddle in which one compact disk is placed. When it is operated, the tray appears from within its “conspicuous covering” to 'hang in mid air' and splits off from out of the front of the computer's yellowish plastic case.
(It is the ‘step’, protrusion, and the Mercy Seat as previously described which then “flees suddenly’ back into the casing.)

A similar French word to selle (saddle) is sellette which means ‘a small turntable, cradle’.
In the early to mid 1990s a CD-Rom tray had three little "bumps" that held the compact disc above the tray housing. "Brass" is the 'yellowish' colour of the plastic computer case.
This is from where the idea of a "brass tripod" comes.
(Since the late 1990s the plastic of a computer became a paler yellow, even off-white in colour.)

In line 1 of quatrain 2 Nostradamus mentions the computer’s mouse as a description.
C1 .Q2
La verge en main mise au milieu des branches

Usual English translation: “The wand in the hand is placed in the middle of the tripod's legs”.

La verge en main mise = "wand of the hand mice" = (hand-mouse and wand) = the computer's mouse and cable. "mise" is a Word Play (by sound association) for <mice> = mouse.

This information is extracted from the book Ancient Chronicles Unsealed, Ronald Pegg, P.P.H.C. 2003.

I got my copy from
but I think it is only available in Australia.

The information can also be found on Ron Pegg’s web site, but that is temporarily closed.
But there is a back door entrance

I thought you may like to know about his discoveries.
Most of them and the provided evidence shows how Time Travel has influenced human history since 5,000 BC.
Actually I'm french and I can help you with translations... Just ask
Translation request

I have come across a recent decoding of Nostradamus 6:37 by someone called Eddy.
Please could you give your translation of the following French words.

<font color="blue">L'oeuure ancienne se paracheuera,
Du toict cherra sur le grand mal ruine:
Innocent faict mort on accusera,
Nocent cache, taillis à la bruiine.[/COLOR]

I will post Eddy’s decoding and explanation later.
Thanks, John
L'oeuure ancienne se paracheuera,
Du toict cherra sur le grand mal ruine:
Innocent faict mort on accusera,
Nocent cache, taillis à la bruiine.

L'oeuvre ancienne se parachutera,
Du toit viendra le grand mal des ruines:
On t'accusera de la mort d'un innocent,
L'innocent se cache sous la bruine.

Well... I did my best but it's so messed up that I have to use my imagination too /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

I hope It'll help you