not by speed


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i don't think you can TT by speed. at the 198,000 M/ps time stops you would have over the speed of light to go back in time right? well for every mile per sec you want over it would send you back 1 mile per sec. so when you hit 198,001 M/ps it would send you back to 198,000 M/ps right?
Not only that, but if time really stopped, who is to say you wouldn't stop also. Velocity is distance over time, if there is no time how can you have velocity? Likewise acceleration is distance overtime overtime, with no time you would cease to accelerate.
By the by I like your screen name, its a very good attitude you carry with you, one it would be nice if most people shared.
Not only that, but if time really stopped, who is to say you wouldn't stop also

I think the general theory of relativity allows for this - the traveller experiences time just as normal as gravitational forces allow - that said, you probably don't want to travel through a star or something.

Although wouldn't it be real funny if after trillions of dollars in government funding and you're the first traveller in a ship designed to go faster than light... :oops:
You're approaching your dream... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
The velocity indicator is slowly, slowly reaching c... /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif
Not long now... :D
Just a little more... :eek:
And then...
<font color="red"> Stop!! [/COLOR]

And above you in giant, towering letters...
The limitations of mankind are defined in one spiteful message...

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