"The future ain't what it used to be."

Not Even In 100life times...



The Energy need to even power a time machine is beyond comprehension,Not even in the 21century is our technology capable of even researching time travel,Thats why there are only theories...So dont hold yr breath, And don't call your Time Travel agent, Not Yet...Maybe in about 1000years.........
Sorry to say, but I don't belive this, I believe we will have time travel alot sooner than that, look at the advances in technology in the past thirty years. From a 16Mhz CPU to a 1733Mhz or 1.74 Ghz, whatever, if this trend continues, just imagine what great and terrible technologies we can create in the next thirty or so years? Technology is getting more powerful each and every year, that's why I believe we are going to accomplish time travel before the end of the next 1000 years.

This is only my opinion, which everyone is entitled to their own, so please, no putting down others opinions, listen to them.
The advances in computer technology even though they have been expontial are relativly insiginifigent compared to the energy required to create a zero point of energy or even reach the speed of light or 99% of c.

I say it would take us severel thousand years to advance that far since we will have to travel out of the solar system to even test that kind of technology for our earth's safety.

Just ask yourself this question: How fast is our space exploration program developing

answer: At a snails pace.
Snails pace,You got that right. But what will happen when someone does discover means of time travel?...My best bet is when he/she comes forth with this discovery,well,There gonna be looked at like there crazy and probley will be committed.
But what I dont under stand is Why?, why travel in time with the risks involved,Creating a time machine is like creating the atom-bomb all over again, but think of this atom-bomb capable of distroying time itslef, and all of the universe. The mind of men are to weak and will give into temptation to use the machine for evil sooner or later it always happens,...The A-Bomb!!!
When am I,

I quite agree, lets everybody sit on our hands and both do nothing and remain ignorant of time travel.......just in case, just in case.

By admitting defeat right now, taking the easy way, the cowards way' we can say "HEY IT AIN'T MY FAULT THOSE EVIL PEOPLE GOT TT FIRST AND WIPED US OUT , after all they are evil you know, its all their fault not mine.

Doing nothing is our mantle of morality. After all if we don't do anything, what can they accuse us of?

Do nothing, be nothing. You will fly far with that philosophy.

what you are saying is absolutely true, However only with respect to the advances in CURRENT technology. You are basing your hypothesis on 3 dimensional energy manipulation. Once we learn to use higher dimensional interactions, our energy capabilities get multiplied by C^2! what we do now is brute force, for we do not truly understand what we are working with. I think we will find that in the coming years there will be a revolution toward higher dimensions (hyperspace), boosting our level of energy capability beyond that which is obtainable as you say, in the next thousand years. THis revolution is here, with patents on devices like the MEG already granted: http://jnaudin.free.fr/html/meg.htm

Whatever, why worry about this now? Time will tell if we can or canot time travel, we'll just have to keep trying until we suceed, instead of squabbling about whether we will or won't we should get out there and try our best to get the possiblility higher.


I see your point, but discussions are a good thing! I am a 21 year old college student, and I do not have the means (at this point in time) to conduct meaningful reasearch. discussions are the next best thing, until I get out there and do my own thing. And I am not getting my degree in physics by the way- this is just a hobby of mine. I am going for engineering. Another thing- as you may have noticed, many of our discussions are about the morality of time travel. if these discussions do not take place before actual experimentation, I believe more harm would be done than good. Does this make any sense? I think these discussions, or "squabbles" as you call them, are healthy!

Richar I see your point, yes your right, most are on mortality of time travel, I agree, especially that this subject must be discussed, if not major problems could occur, though who knows if there are not already time travellers out there, so.....who knows.....