Not your average construction project!


Quantum Scribe
Not your average construction project!

NOTE: ARE YOU BUILDING ANY OF THESE? OR EVEN CONSIDERING IT? Beware of "ego improvements": don't modify the devices until you've built an exact copy and made it work. And don't try building these without first asking the members of FREENRG-L about their experiences. Most of these projects are untried, but some have been attempted. Don't repeat another's failures, and don't reinvent the wheel, first talk to others to get the real story. Join freenrg-L ,the Weird Science Projects and Unconventional Physics discussion group. (This is a 'listserv.' To start it up, see the instructions.)
All right, I think that many of you might have missed this one, so I want to call it back to your attention, the link above has several science projects listed on the front page, many of them deal with *Scalar technology, which I might add many of you out there had questions about before. These projects are not without instruction, but I must warn you, they do yield some very powerful results, so do take necessary precautions while trying to build any of them, and do not attempt this at home alone! They are nothing at all what you may have learned in school, or college, and far removed from your ordinary "Gilbert chemistry set!

You wanted answers?... you might find many of them here, you wanted proof? it is up to you to discover that on your own, and perhaps you just might find that proof you are looking for, if you should succeed in building any of these projects. (perhaps, we shall see.)

Good Luck, and let me know if any one of you do succeed, and produce the intended, or otherwise noteworthy results.

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sorry i take that back,..just because i dont understand some of the designs on that web site doesnt give me the right to dismiss them...trial&error are the key to progress.
sorry i take that back,..just because i dont understand some of the designs on that web site doesnt give me the right to dismiss them...trial&error are the key to progress.
why would Time be a conman ? ? he stands to gain nothing from this you dumass! ? i dunno ..... oh, well u took it back :-)

&gt;Truthguy -&gt; Tiocfaidh MO Lá!
The only thing I (might).... stand to "Gain" if anything at all, would be the chance that some of you out there, may get serious enough to join us in our dedicated pursuit, by assisting us, with our continued explorational research, many of which involve these, and other experimental projects as such.

If we are serious enough, about getting down to the business of building our very own workable "Time Machine", it will require a lot of exhausting research, and working capital to fund these projects, as necessary to acquire the required materials, to build some of these "experimental modules" and I might add, many of them deal with the very foundation, of what we need to explore if we are to ever succeed in our continued progress to find a probable solution to the answers we are looking for.

As of this year, I have founded a Non-Profit Organization called "T.A.P.-T.E.N.",
"TAP" stands for the name "Temporal Accelerator Project", and "TEN" represents the name of our outreach program, "Temporal Explorers Network". Due to the nature of our Non-Profit Organizations small chapter, we depend on a lot of member supported sponsorship, to provide our organization's most volatile resources, many of which consist of "Volunteer efforts" as such, to aid, and assist in our organization's continued progress.

Since the induction of this new organization, I have "NEVER" asked any of our members for any funds to support our organization, and this includes membership, no fees were ever asked for this either.

We only ask that our members keep us informed of their research, and share this information with everyone who is a part of TAP-TEN. Currently we have a remote server in which we upload our files of this "Shared" information to, for all of our members to access from their computer.

Think Tank?, you might also consider us as such.

Membership is only made available by "Invitation Only" and to perhaps answer another question you may have, "Yes" some of the very people here too, are members of


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Hey Time,
there is alot of devices on there to build.
guess it just depends on how much you want to spend at radio shack.and what ya have laying around.
I might try something "anti-gravity""electrogravity" or something with "gravity waves"
I've had a lot of dreams in that area of anti-gravity devices..hmm I think that is what they were. they had very strange bobbling properties to them. I might try to piece some of the pieces together. put two and two together. Im very inventive.
the best part is when you are working on something and you can hardly sleep and when you sleep your brain is still thinking of it and you piece it together in your dream and then WHAM all of a sudden out of the blue you get this great idea from nowhere...the answer....the missing puzzle piece.
know what Im talking about TIME ???

are you working on any of these yourself???

proud member.

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I'm with you on that too Time02112! Peace from the Matrix of Knowledge

...~The Doctor~...
"There is no time to waste, only time to change"..."The sum of all knowledge is that you and your reality do not exist; only thought and imagination are real, and therefore...I am."
Many of you are still researching in the areas of "Scalar Technology" might find some valuable information within these links.

The Seven Types of Scalar Waves

Scalar Wave Computer Simulations

Scalar EM Research-The TEP Project

This page has all kinds of links!

...This one deals with "Electromagnetics"

The International Tesla Society Homepage

The Tesla Book Company

The Tesla Research Website

Howitzer.Text, another fine contribution of Tom Bearden.^/teslar/effect.htm

A little Scalar Math for the 3-D Scalar module

Scalar Wave Based radio Communication

Dynamics of Scalar fields of rotating black holes
Remember people, it is not for the lack of available knowledge, or technology available in many forms to us in this year of 2000 to really "discover" the right elements necessary to make Time~Travel a reality, by constructing a workable Time Machine!,... (and I do not say this lightly.)
It may depend on a certain numerical outcome of chance & probability, but none the less if it were to become as such, if at all, it will primarily depend on the most forthright common denominator of "Applied Action" and I do not speak of just any ordinary action as one applies to use a hammer & a chisel too!
Let me elaborate from a copy of a posting from Project X's website.......

(F)- Back to on-purpose action. What does on-purpose (o-p) action have to do with the point or spiritual freedom?
(SC)- To arrive at the point or spiritual freedom, the correct actions must be taken. That is the connection between the two.
(F)- If we are spiritually suppressed, then what does that have to do with the physical?
(SC)- You are getting ahead of yourself. That answer will come later.
(F)- I sense that you want to 'talk' about the difference between o-p action and ideology.
(SC)- That is correct.
(F)- What is ideology?
(SC)- Ideology is sort of a philosophy. Ideology is separate and is useless on its own. Ideology must be combined with action, or it has no actual use. Adolf Hitler had an ideology and it was useless until he combined it with action. The action was not good for 'our' fellow humans. I use the word 'our', because I was a human on planet earth during that time. Notice that I used the word action, not o-p action. His action was based on what he thought was the truth, but it was only the apparent truth. Dangerous thing, that apparent truth.
(F)- What about o-p action and ideology?
(SC)- Let me talk about action. Action is any physical manifestation of any idea. Now, with that known, let me say this:
ACTION IS SENIOR TO IDEOLOGY. Any action is senior to any ideology. Ideology, alone, is meaningless. The action of peddling a tricycle, based on the ideology that a four year old child must travel over there and then turn around and travel back, is senior to any other ideology. Ideology is nothing but, if it is written down, words. Words are nothing but a grouping of letters. Letters are nothing but symbols. Symbols are nothing but a representation of an idea, and now we are back to ideology. Meaningless unless put into action. Now, with that known, let me say this: O-P ACTION IS SENIOR TO ACTION. O-p action is senior to peddling a tricycle.
(F)- Tell me an example of an o-p action.
(SC)- This interview is an o-p action

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Dear Tom, ...
A couple of questions, if I may:
Remember in your older books, like Fer De Lance, etc., when you mentioned Frank Golden's ability to monitor the 12 KHz frequency pairs that the Soviets were using to extract power from the earth, etc? Now that it has been so many years down the road, and you yourself have essentially moved on to other things, can you elaborate on any of the actual equipment that was being used?
Like his scalar EM receiver, or the time the two of you used scalar transmitters to charge up an area and the clocks went haywire... If only some of us could have some info on how to get started on some of these devices, we could possibly have undeniable proof that it's all more than just conceptual.

Here is the point:

If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of.

The Big Question is, Will the 21st century see the acceptance, development, and implementation of Bearden's ideas (in plain public view, mind you), or will Scalar EM be found to have been just another dead end?....

Do certain world governments have these devices NOW?... Bearden says at least "three other nations, not hostile to the U.S.," now possess Scalar technology.



This area, in my opinion, ties much of the information together from the other areas on this web site. Tom Bearden's Scalar EM may be the New Electromagnetics of the 21st century... if we can get him to spill the beans on some specific methodologies and circuitry! In the meantime, we continue to collect, compile, speculate on, and critique his theories, in the hope that some light will be generated along with all the heat.

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I agree! Thanks Time for all the links you have provided and will provide. You provide such valuable information to this forum.
anybody that wanted to know about time travel would only have to stop at the Time Travel Institute.


Unfolding The Next Reality
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-- Edward O. Wilson
Consilience, The Unity of Knowledge


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Released on March 1999

The history of mankind has recorded continuous destruction. Creation always brings more powerful destruction. The reason is that the world is inevitably regulated by physical laws.

Existing physics tells us that destruction faces the same direction as time-flow. To prevent destruction radically, we have to find a new time-flow of creation in the field of physics. In other words, by generating energy from nothing, as the perpetuum mobiles described in science fiction.

But, as a matter of fact, nothing can be generated from nil. Thermodynamics perfectly proves the truth. The study,which says that no perpetuum mobiles can exist, is based on an ordinary world view, that is, positive-energy is all.

Recently, some theoretical physicists have begun to consider a concept of imaginary time and/or negative-energy. If the negative-energy can exist absolutely, energy concept in physics should be changed and extended to a negative-sphere. Then, it is consequent that perpetuum mobiles exist. Provided the perpetuum mobiles exist, people, for the first time, can be kept away from destruction.

Thus, in order to change destruction into creation, first of all the mechanism of generating negative-energy should be cleared. That is the aim of Genesis.