Notation black holes vrs white holes


Epochal Historian
Please note with reference to black holes as opposed to white holes, the perception of:

For the original data I had received on white holes and what they might be, falls into two differing categories of perception.

This is that there would be a supposed singularity of a white holes, which would be a mirrored copy of the same size as a black hole, only white, with a reversed function, which is to expel matter and energy, rather than taking it in?

I feel that if this configuration did exist, that the type of very large white hole, would have existed at the beginning of the universe, to rapidly equalize matter and energy across then fledgling dimensions.

However within the past supposed many billions if not trillions of years, I feel that any large reversed singularity, or a supposed white hole function, would have diminished if not phased out all together, as this beginning purpose would have become obsolete.

The second definition which I more readily adhere to, as being to true white hole configuration, is a small diminutive white hole, or raw energy and matter exhaust port, which appear around any large in-frequency body.

This is such as any planet or other body, at any estimated speed, being approximate one one thousandths of a second, which would be ample time to equalize the universal energy constant.

If feel that the second definition, is more concurrent with what is happening today, with reference to white holes, and maybe not a vast singularity, functioning as a white hole only.

The subspace mechanics of large stellar blast, be this novae, or systems creations, are not understood, as far as the along lines of magnetic force of space construction.

This said is invested as how these forces would shape space, before, at the time or just after any large inspace explosive occurrence, in-line with the formation of either new star systems, and or Nova.

>Examples of this you can readily compare to for logic's sake, is for a very large white hole, would be analogous to an expelling volume hydropool, near the bottom of any large water runoff, such as expelling pools upward, as observed in a large river, or body of water.

The example of white holes diminutive, would be similar to a hobby store bought plasma globe, to where rapidly occurring fingers of in-globe plasma, express themselves against the inside portions of the glass globe, express themselves and then a new plasma conduit expresses itself.

>Note although both white holes and worm holes posses similar function, both should not be confused, as one's function may be a transitory event, while the other is of longer duration.
Dude, I think you got it wrong about white holes. Doesnt it ever bother you that white holes possess a singularity that MIRRORS BLACK HOLES? Well, in a Kerr black hole, (a spinning black hole), 2 event horizons are created. Still dont see the connection? Well, when the spin gets faster, the event horizons get closer until they merge. When they merge, light and other stuff can pass through since physics reverses itself twice, back to normal. What you have then is the dumping grounds of a black hole being created. A place where it appears mass is just getting flung randomly out into space. The escape velocity of Kerr black holes is less than the speed of light. (Einstein and Schwartzchild did the calculations). Therefore, you could travel through and end up thousands of light years away.

I said nothing about escape velocities from black holes in my last post.

2.If white holes were to function as you have intimated within your preceding post, then it would be if one had wanted only a little music from a transistor radio. However when this tiny radio was tuned on, the volume of a full orchestra would occur from the speakers?

There is the proposed singularity matching a black hole, as a roughly same dimensioned white hole.

B.There is also the necessary avarice of tendril, lightning like white holes, occurring all of the time, in nature to mostly large gravity objects, such as planets and stars.

Bartsuiack proposed this finding from the Hawking subgroup in the 80s and I feel this is the very correct description of temporary white hole mechanics.

Your last comment reeks of cosmological physics-dom mono-termed-philosophies..?
what? basically, your radio explanation makes no sense. Are you trying to tell me how a black
hole empties into a white hole? Your logic is vauge and confusing, therefore making it hard
to disprove, since we dont originally know what it was trying to prove in the first place.

You may have said something like this, I got lost (I'm new here and still a younging ). Anyways my thought is that a white hole is just simply the other side of a black hole, you enter the black hole and are expelled from the white, almost like a portal ( maybe a portal through time or between a large distance )?
yes, that is what I said. But, in order for a white hole to exist, the black hole must be spinning fast enough (or have a charge great enough) to merge the 2 event horizons. Otherwise the mass instead of being ejected gets pulled into the singularity. Simply put, white holes are the other sides of wormholes.

No that's not it. Neither one of you seem to have any inkling of cosmological mechanics.

If there were only white holes to the dimensions that you describe here, matter would be sitting there one second and explosively be gone into another portion of the universe the very next second.

The set functions of the universe would be more akin to expulsive amoebic internal hydrodynamic mechanics, rather than a give and take, which must fill the needs of the universal energy conservation equation.

I'm not going to argue points here.

As I had said before this was 80s, yes 80s Halking subgroup cosmological mechanics under Horowitz, as told by Marcia Bartsuiack.
It fulfils the energy conservation theory. Basically, what a wormhole is is a puncture in space. Where 2 points extremely distant from each other are connected by not a straight line, but another point. This is caused by singularities. Also, this is the best theory for looking back in time here. I have not heard of another theory that is even remotely possible, like this one is.