Notations protest, probable time side event:


Epochal Historian
Please note, that within reference to the said coming of Planet X, also known as Planet Neibru, that ahead of time, this event is noted to happen in both storyline, as well as said documentation.

So what may be caused, due to the very forecasting of this event, is a double time not-same parallax, of events, to where in some fashion, the appeance of Planet X must be altered.

This event is explained thussly, in as much as the said Zeta Reticulans have already come out through the author of the book, {There Once Was A Garden} and said, through this author, that there would be a pole shift, which was caused by some factor, not said then, during the initial disclosure through the author.

So this action being said, so involving a human as a chosen intermediary, then events would have to be altered in the future, of the real coming of Planet X?

This occurrence would be what is termed as a branch or para occurrence, to the event already forecasted.

The alternate sutiation would be, that since the already known event coming, is now well known to be a supposed pole shift so caused by the coming of Planet X, then something else not forecasted thern, by the author entailing her book, could also possibly happen.

This is not my law or supposition, however a law of alternate time geometry, which in itself augments its own situation, as it is now known what events are sure to happen?

This is known as a double time reciprocity, were by trying to modulate time and this process fails, then some other version, or a side event must now occur, by the laws, of known time modulation.

An example is the said example coming of known time traveler John Titor.

John Titor had come to this era, to warn a forced into complacency people, that unless they would mend their ways, that the future would not be changed and this action would be the main cause of the short-term future sliding into a said supposed maelstrom, by Titor's sayings.

The reality said, supposed by Titor since his time machine was to have suffered a electronic boards mald functiopn, by a flux quantum spike, and the components on the boards were fixed only and not the whole board replaced, that Titor ended up in a negative dimension, to where everyone was hostile.

This was a kind-of sideplay event, to where if you will that Titor had to spend time within a probable purgatory.

In their wisdom of helping to create us humans partially within some of their gene sets, the Reticulans never realized that one day we as a human population would one day desire their own freedoms?

So what is left with the coming of Planet X, is the main question to galactic historians, is why are the Retisculans, in partiality wanting to euthanise some of their own offspring?

The last sentence structure is the complaint of the offworld ambassador for Earth.

This last actions supposed by the Reticulans, as they could have promoted offworld travel for us humans is illustrated in the well known painting, The God Saturn Devouring His Own Children, ie consuming, eating them.

Note we are constructed by other beings, gene, other than the Reticulans alone.