"The future ain't what it used to be."

Note Death Of John Titor, page 10 bottom:


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Key historical post to this thread:

Please note that in the manifold of how man was created, that there were errors said in the 1980s.

These errors were in how man was truly created, which is given in the book, The Andreasson Affair and the book The Watchers by Betty Luca.

Please know that in some sense of the word, that mankind was created by a alliance of beings, both extraterrestrial and spiritual.

The furthest this could go, was the realizations of the 1960s, that man should have rapidly started the process of moon colonization, in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

This society should have been offworld fluent, by the turn of the 1900s, to 2000s; however because of certain corruption or other factors, it did not.

Pamela Moore knew this in her earlier arguments with me, by claiming that she at an early age had real or dreamed contacts with Angelics, who time traveled.

However later Pamela digressed to tell me that I was the weakest link and also that I did not understand these contacts, or that I was not the only one.

Note I had a realied contact with the subAngelic beings, known as the elders, though an interpriter, by the name of Mr. Eddie Sosa.
These beings apparetly did not understand how compaction problems in superpopulations, caused mixed biological communicatiuons, which inturned started to radiacally change the naturte of this planned society.
The Elders could not understand what I was trying to say to them at all.
In a way, what I have mathmatically figured, also is very similar to what author Alvin Toffelare was trying to say in his book Future Shock?

She further went on to the Ong's Hat web site, which was defiantly not an angelic affair by saying, from the info that she posted, that she was really sweating when she had brought this information forward, that she was doing so at great risk.
>Note the Ong facility was destroyed by a unit of the Delta Force as said later on, both in this forum and other web sites.

I don't know all the nuances of either Gary Voss, or Pamela Moore about their said angelic contacts.

I'm not after either Moore or Voss and wish them well.

However I would only like to point out that our mutual information's did not only contrast, but clashed as well?

The key era to get Earth based mankind into space, was the 1970s.

This society did not do this and now, in many strange ways, it might pay for it and these lesions will be very hard.

What I'm trying to get accross in this post, is that the creation process here on Earth, was kind of like a traveling fair, which produced certain elements, with respects to how Earthbased man was formed here.

Luca says in her book, that she was exposed to a large tunnel, in which many eras before this time now were shown.Some ancient Roman and Greek-like, others in cloths, that she could not figure nor that were familiar with.

This creational wave, was to have supposed to propel mankind from Earth, onto the moon by now.

This wave was battled against and it seems for that key period, thwarted.

I do not know if the absence of going to the moon, for Earthbased man, would have promoted the mythical Earthbased said atomic war, said John Titor proposed.

I do know that the understanding of the mixed orders, as said in Lucas, first Andreasson Affair book, Two, where the gem robots goofed on critical orders from an angelic being, on certain abduction orders, was a very critical sign, that something was going wrong in the process of this Earthbased man's maturitation.
There is never to be any varinace in these orders, so this messing-up on orders, might demonstrat a number of variables??

*I had delved into vampiric creatures not as a blasphemy, but as a result of something happening to me.May have something to do with a memory wave, or barrowed genes, for the creation of a being, in another dimansion.I don't know?

As a result of this delving into the Titor affair, I did receive both missing time and two punctures in my lower right leg.

I have no idea to the rhyme or reason to these factors.

Thank you, for all I hope things work out right?