"The future ain't what it used to be."

Note small technical associations, said TT unit


Please note on this photo-link said from Anomalies.net, where a tube of some sort, shows a similar placement in a held bood, to said Titor time displacement unit, shown?

at http://www.anomalies.net/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=000936;p=10

There is a recent more detailed photo held here, at TTI, which is larger and more detailed than the cut-away held anywhere else.

If this photo could be supplied here please?

Other notations, that if a said time displacement unit does exist, as the said holder of the copyright owner has claimed some sort of property here, then in the technical sense, we should now, with what little information that is offered here in the said photo and cutaway, be able to start defining the said Titror TT displament unit?

The tops of said tubes, would have to have a braided cable, to ground, rather than a standard multi-stranded wire, to case-ground, due to possible shift in time mass gravimetric pulls on intercase materials.

So your ground ontop of said tubes, would have to be of a braided nature.

Does TTIs held cutaway show a braided to top of said Tripler-like contrivance, to be a braided appliance to ground braided strap?

*Note also on the outside of the case of said time displacement unit, that by the case design alone, the said probable TT unit can not be defined.

This is so as military stores, carry universal utility cases, to be constructed into, for multi-based purposes.

So a number or i.d. would have to be held on both the outer case of said tt unit as well as on any said supposed part within?

All parts should start to be identified by now.

Keep in mind, if one so by the storyline only, then this unit is at best, marginally functional, as compared to other supposed time travel machines and or said unit?
Creedo, my man....

I think you are going waaaay too deep to attempt to correlate or debunk said Titor issue.

If this photo could be supplied here please?

Here is a schematic. I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for, but hear me out:


Now, download this image and bring it into MS Photo Editor. Use the ZOOM feature to examine the top-left corner that reads "RESTRICTED" and "FILE: TMIM-200s/4005".

You will notice said "jaggies" that form a block-like boundary around these words. This appears to be clear evidence of "cut and paste" technology. Now, there could be some complicated explanation for this that would point to something other than "cut and paste". But as I am sure you are educated enough to know what Occam's Razor tells us, the simplest explanation is most likely the truth.

Kind Regards,
Re: Note loud musical insturments

Dear Rainman, thanks for the help, I did not expect this from you.

The information in the technical diagram offered at http://www.geocities.com/malbor2/dsc00302.jpg is not the same, as there is a drilled flange which collars the tops of these units, the cable attachments and other fixtures to them are not the same.

Other points, they could have used cut and past, in order to make this manual, even if some aspects, are typed in.

Maybe some parts of this ruse are meant to cover others.

If a lady is sitting at home watching television and a set of people dressed as clowns breaks in playing tubas, while others sexually molest her and she reports this to the police, then the police are less likely to believe her.

Maybe this entire Titor affair was used to get at something and this process of said verification, is only an attempt to uncover a smoke screen?

Note edit, There is also the physical cut and paste technique, which is the installing of plastic templates, on working drawings?

They might have used this drafting technique, in order to make the manual?
Quite frankly this whole Titor TT kit is just a fraud. The kit weighs 500lbs (allegedly) and creates a localised time rift in which super future soldier can drive his vintage car through. I think its a load of bollocks really. What is the point of a post nuclear world having time travel? Does it serve any purpose?

Forget it all. Move on and think about solving the real mysteries of time travel. Creedo, if you put as much effort into researching time travel as you have into John Titor then we will have cracked the secrets of the universe before long.

I think it's just about finished, too.

However with this new administration, in, if certain events occur, I would at least like some record here, that both time travel historians as well as probable offworld visitors and historians can also look into?

These I'm sure, are the finishing pieces.
creedo, you *seriously* need to brush up on BASIC ENGLISH SENTENCE STRUCTURE. I don't know if you're going for "artistic license", have schizophrenia, or if you just don't know how to form sentences, but everything you write reads like a train wreck.

I've NEVER seen someone abuse the comma like you do. It's rediculous. And what's with your "said" whatever... You just make NO sense.

You have severe problems. You are taking this thing too seriously. John Titor is fake. A hoax. To use your grammar:

If said Time Travelor were to say to you "I just said that" would you say, your head is on backwards but what you said was said, to be, said, said, said, with the said, said said??? Said word, to your, said. Only said pictures can say what said John can said. Said me? Said you? Lovin forever....
To all,

Perhaps english is not Creedo's first language, or he may be dyslexic. Please consider this before insulting his sentence structure.

The Doctor
Perhaps english is not Creedo's first language, or he may be dyslexic. Please consider this before insulting his sentence structure.

And there is also the possibility that Creedo is a bot.

Note how he speaks in lines, rather than paragraphs?

And yes, occasional mispellings (I did that on purpose) with some non-sequitors of healthy game psychics retroactive?

But I could be wrong in this assessment. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Kind Regards,
Re: Note loud musical insturments

Dear Rainman, thanks for the help, I did not expect this from you.

There is a great deal that people do not expect from me, and yet I deliver when necessary. There are also things people don't know about me, or would even consider to be true. But none of that is germaine to the issues we discuss, right?

Kind Regards,
Re: Note loud musical insturments

Actually, I might have the first positive thing that I'm about to say about Titor... ever. Don't expect much more from me.

True, it looks like a cut & paste job, but even with the most basic cut and pastes, you'd immediately notice it and get rid of it in paint, I mean, I could do it myself in about 10 min. and the lengths he went to otehr extremes it would be either a really stupid mistake to be cought like this or its like Creedo said... I mean this would have to be such advanced amounts of neglegence into that mistake I just can't buy it.

EDIT: Creedo, apparently I'm the only one who understood your use of the word 'said.'
While slightly off, it was in basic terms correct, I just think you're mode (for lack of a better word) of language is slightly above others.
Coppiced from a hardback book, means that the sourcing is either in this time and already copyrighted, or a source, from another time.

If this book is in point, then a metacrawler search, should yield results, in a short amount of time?