Nothing Happens when you push the red button for the TIME VORTEX ACTIVATOR!!!


Temporal Novice
I don't know if this is a scam or what, but I can't
seem to activate this device.
I sat in the triangular structure, and pushed the red button
on the Time Selector Device but NOTHING HAPPENED.

I did this a 6:30 a.m. right at sunrise.
The instructions for the Dowsing Rods said to do this.
I thought I had located a time vortex with two L-shaped
dowsing rods but I'm kind of doubtful that they are powerful
enough to find vortexes. The Pendulum isn't even worth
getting from Steve Gibbs IT DOESN'T WORK.
I'm thinking that this guy might be a con artist(James
Catteral?) On,the other hand I'm pissed that I had everthing
all set to time travel with the TVA, and I can't travel
through time. Maybe I need to get a Tri-Force Meter.......
What's going on?

Whats going on,hmmn,well to put things simply you have delusions,suffer mania,possibly retarded and basically slightly ill.

I suggest first seeing your doctor,tell him what you believe,he will then send you to a psychiatric unit.

Either that or stay off the drugs,they apear to be turning you into a retard.
It most likely is a scam, but I have sent to Montauk insiders for furth cirtique.
<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Mr. Daniel E. Lauirer

aka: Commander Zxavier
First of all I'm not a retard, and secondly I'm not
crazy either. I wanted to test the machine to see if it really
worked or not. It doesn't. I don't think James intended it
not to work at all, but to put it one way, it probably is
possible to travel through time but just not this way.

I think Steve Gibbs and James Catteral are both nuts anyways.
However, Steve Gibbs machines probably work and James
doesn't. If Time travel is really possible you would most
likely travel to an alternate universe and not be able to
change anything there, only observe. You couldn't change
the time line you came from either. You could observe and if
you did try to make any changes, it would affect the parallel
universe and not the one you came from only.

There for, Time Travel is possible but it's probably
limited. No one that I know of has ever built a time machine
that works. If they did, I suppose they found another way

to do it besides doing it by plans that they don't even know
where they came from, or whether or not when built that the
machine in question will actually function.
I don't need to see a psychiatrist, I'm not insane.
I just want to know if there is a machine that Really
Works. Talking about it and not doing anything, will never
solve the problem of real time travel.

When you push the red button I think that the light turns on and produces "unlimited white light".
Not bad for a $390 +SH gadget.
Sorry to disappoint you, but the Time Vortex Activator doesn't do a darn thing. How can you expect the Earth's magnetic field to provide enough power to turn on the I.C. chips?

And, by the way, if you just order the plans, J.C. mentions you have to buy the I.C. chips from him (4 of them for $50.00).
You'll never get any results with the "Time Vortex Activator". The thing does not work.

How can the Earth's magnetic field power up the I.C. chips?

This is just another example of new age snake oil salesman pap.

If you want to find out about this scam, go to

Sorry to burst your bubble.