"The future ain't what it used to be."

numeric coincidences


I posted this exact information last month here on this site!

Where did you get your information from?

Anyhow, thanks for reposting it! Because it enables everyone on this site to take note and witness the deceptions of time travel and its workings. The numbers are all about control over humanity!

By the way Shadow, I was reading a magazine the other day and came accross an advertisment on the new model of the 911 Porsche Carrera! "That right 911 is the model number!" Strange dont you think? "NICE CAR THOUGH!!!" I could see myself cruisin down the back farm roads here in wisconsin pulling an AT-TAC at 88mph with a nitric oxide booster! Chi Chi Chi Cha Ya Baby!!! (song by Yello)(Ya Baby)

Maciek, I also noticed that your posting on the Video of a man being teleported was posted at exactly 3:33pm. Date 02-22-02. Maybe this is the message the time travelers are trying to relate to us? Trying to bear witness to time travel! All we need to do is follow the numbers for the answers. Thats obviously their method of communicating with us...

Personally I think that video was a farce! The white light was there to quickly and that was just an ordinary laser pointer. Somebody needs to work on their cinematography. Clara your right I waited about 5 minutes for my computer to load it and it was stupid! The video was false but the Time Travelers got a kick out of it, leaving their mark of 3:33pm.

Fantom, how would you "sum" this one up? (movie of a person being teleported and the post reading 3:33pm.) I'm certainly up for explainations? If you wear nikes I know you have the answer?

Sungod56, how about you? any explaination? Its up for grabs!!!


Believe me, I didn't post that message at that exact time on purpose.

A coincidence like this is just plain impossible. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

Any explainations are welcome.

P.S. - Why does the time 3:33 keep appearing everywhere?

-- Maciek
Dear Maciek"

You see 333 in most of what your doing, as 333 is the inversed time reciprecal of 999, or 911.

In a Star Trek Next Generations, the Enterprise chases a Ferengie star ship.

They go near an old distant planet from some partially one whole system.

Both the Ferengie and Federation ship are held in stasus by what is known as a portal.

The portal had reacted to the intrusion of the two ships, as this planet's defence system, were still reacting to a time calculiated aeons ago.

All your propensity to see and observe 333, is a leftover pattern as to how this dimension realizes what has happened before us, which was 911.Say if you will, an inverse reciprecal end out products of subdevided intigers, of nine, factored out.

A system can only progress with respects to self advancement as far, as this own socieite's ability to realize change is productive?

This is why most of the Islamic and Arab worlds are against the U.S.This is as the U.S. had never changed and augmented from the key transitional year 1968 on, for means of space exploration.

Instead the U.S. had let covert influences flavour it's course, social stagnation set in and then the principles of self destruction.

Same thing as Rome, only a more modern time.

More than likly this is a self warning signal, that a new terrorist act will commence again?This is as the West is steadfast within it's bastions and has not established bases neither on the moon, or Mars, not our people at least.

The same problem is inhearent as with about a million German soldiers and civlians left over from the second world war.

Eisenhower hated Germans.
So as by Jeffrense.com's telling, had starved over a million prisioners and civlians to death, which is only being uncovered now.

What is sad, is that euthanasia of humans or any other species for that matter, does leave a mark against that offending society.

Sure the Third Reich should not have killed Poles, Gypseys and Jews, however extermination in kind, does not really solve anything either?

This society is in real trouble, as we have kept alien life forms, here without a full disclosure to the people who pay taxes to keep the principles of the web hit, (hidden alien bases), going.

This matter is beyond anything I can say and is an extremely sad testiment which shows just how perverted, miserable and very small minded those in formalized governemt can be and to what extent.

This is no supprise, however the pittiful view of the pillars which had once suportted such a grand society, being knocked out, by the extravigance and extent of propagandist lies.

What I have mentioned here is only the indications of a social condition, not a dreaded statment from me.

Please also klnow in a very laughable way, that the secret gentic expierments these Grays as well as other hidden beings perform on us, are a usefull as mule sperm!This is as the genes which compose humans by and large are already from advanced genetic engineering some two million years ago.

So the strories you hear of failure after failure of alien genetic attempts placed on man are more than likly true?

This is so, as our primary gene structure is in part, a very advanced form of partial Gray.

When you re-enigneer over this, you for rejection viruses.

The more those in power attempt to hide these facts, the worse events will become.

I have told nothin new here, is already well told in both books and the web.

All one had to do is look?

There is the problem of God and the Devel, however remember there is pay due sometimes and this indication is only an expression?

Hope this helps.

How do you know all these things - aliens, government, secret, devils, etc.? By Jeffrense.com's telling or from your own experience?

I checked out that site, looks like an underground press. Many interesting things there.

Is what you're saying true or false - have you traveled to the future with a time travel device when all of this info is released or are you just a goverment worker?

And finally, how is this all related to 333 or numerical coincidences?

Is it just me, or am I lost.

-- Maciek
I'm lost to. Nothing we ever say gets us any closer to figuring out this numbers thing. I saw 11's several times today and I never see double digits.Maybe the influence from this site is starting to make me see them. I did notice this morning that I felt static in my head like the station I was on got changed, I'm having a hard time picking up anything but static. Maybe I will lay off this site for a while.


You are correct in your rambelings!

However I must conclude that the 3:33 message is for me alone!

The message is from a special someone governed in another time!

It was me who started the 3:33 because of the past year I continually wake up at 3:33am. for no apparent reason.

But make no mistake! This is also a message for all who are on this site and for those who just read out of curiosity.

To give me an opportunity to show an example that something more powerful is happening here and in control of humanity! Something very manipulating and deceitfull!!! And if you read throught my past posts there is alway one shred of evidence that mentions this deceit!

I feel I hold some secret key! For the past year I have been dreaming continually of people and places that aren't even on the map! They are aviation waypoints in the sky! Through my investigation I have found PROOF that these aviation names ARE ACTUAL REAL PLACES! And the people that I dream about that I have never met before in my life who I have recently come in contact with are ALSO REAL! And an event that I witnessed 11 years ago of someone dematerializing before my eyes has come into full view!

One day I might get the rare opportunity to actually go and check out these places and reunite with certain individuals that are fighting against these evil do gooders to stop time depredation and convoluting and resalvage humanity!

My name is CAT. I gave myself that name because throughtout significant events in my life the number 9 shows itself. Its also signicatant to point out that the CAT was worshiped by the egyptians and believed to be the key guardian to the the afterlife.

I dont know what my life and purpose is here or what great signicance I hold pertaining to time travel? However as time passes and as I continue to dream I'm sure the answers will come to me...

I am a firm believer in G-D and I believe there is a reason and purpose for everything! And as everyone continues to read this forum the answers will come to those who wait too...


P.S. Clara, dont turn off the channel of this site! You might be one crazy lady! but you hold your own weight and hold an even bigger purpose!

TTA where are you? I cant do this alone!!!

Shadow babes, we need your intricate flaudian slip of the mind!

Fantom, we need your debateablism!

adc, we need some young blood around here!

Timecop, Time, TimeMaster, Creedo, Chris Ames, All guest!


>>>never see double digets<<<<
I thought you said you did. Something about they showed up just before you started in arguing with your spouse?

Some of this double digit thing is just a hightened awareness of whats been there all the time. Like when you buy a new car all the sudden you notice the ones just like it all over the place. But no, that doesen't explain why they show up TOO often.

Hate to fuel the paranoia here but that static MAY be a jamming signal from who knows where.

As for laying off this sight, well I don't think closing your eyes is going to 'make it all go away'.

Was that you or cat that that had some experiance with alien sample taking?
Excelent post CAT

You arn't going to hog all the 333 coincidences for your self are you?

Here's a funny coincidence that happened this morning. I'm talking on the phone looking out the window. Three birds show up. I describe them to my caller and ask what kind they are. (Southern) Jays. J=1, and there are 3 of them. Hence: 111

re; dreams and actuality

I've been dreaming up a storm for the last 3 months or so. Two nights back I made the mistake of letting the moon light shine through my window while I slept. I new it was 'bad mojo', but decided to try it one time for experiment sake. Well the friggen spooks showed up in a taunting dream THAT WAS SPECIFICALLY DEISGNED TO BE FRIGHFULL. Last night I kept the shade down but still got spooked. It's like I've come out from the psychic protection of me ex-sweetie......which is half the reason I bothered with her in the first place. I'm going to try and kick some dreamland butt nextime.

There is a site somewhere that handles nothing but people who encounter shared night dreams withe one another. Can't think of the URL right now
I said I see triple digits 333,444 etc. hardly ever double. But

this week I have been seeing 11. I've had a tough week.

Basically I'm trying to deal with some stuff from my childhood

that involves my mother. You see something is trying to get me

to severe the relationship with my mom and I think I am

beginning to understand why. You see she left my father for

another man when I was 15. Our relationship got real bad so I

went to live with my father. The man my mother married was in

the Masons. I think my guidence did not want me around this

person and so they caused bad things to happen so I would leave.

I could not see this at the time but I think that is what

happened. Now everytime I'm around them bad things happen

between us. I'm almost to the point of completely severing the

relationship with my mom and him . Maybe my guides are trying to

protect me and my children. You see my father was Indian and my

guides have made it very clear that they are Indian to. Thats

why I went to the sweat lodge. My father lost all his Indian

connection and now I am gaining it back. When I read some of he

stuff about the masons and the Illuminati it was kinda scary.

So if what they say is true It probably would be wise for me not

to continue having a relationship with either my mom or him.

without my guidance I wouldn't know what was going on. Indian

spiritual guides are very tough and if you don't know their

there it can be very scary but once you know who it is you can

work with them. They know me because I carry their genes. Anyone

who has Indian blood will have a connection with them. It would

have been very familiar to me if my father would not have been \

taken away from his culture. they tried to contact me for years

but I didn't understand and would get very scared. They see me

as their child and part of their family they are my ancestors.

So if my mom were doing something to put me in danger they would

step in. My relationship is more important with them then it is

with my own mother.

What kind of bad things happen?

Maybe > you< are causing poltergiest activity. When you figure out what is really the problem between you and your mom you can deal with it directly rather than beating around the bush.

Maybe you have some bad entities hang about you that have a very simple agenda of making you miserable at every opportunity.

I don't like the idea of letting 'chance events' steer ones life, because you don't know what is running the chances. Decisions are usually difficult so one could start in flipping a coin for the answers......if they DARED! ( which I don't.)
What part did you like best Shadow babes?

Looks like you been pulling some late nighters all alone!

You haven't been watching any werewolf movies lately have you?

Do you need me to come over there, check your house for spooks,
obscure your window from view and give you a night cap?

You know come to think of it, talking about birds, for some strange reason black crows seem to flock to me. Always watching me from a distance! They could be sitting ontop of a street light outside my house just sitting up there, staring and continually sqauwking at me! For some reason they definitily don't like me!

Talking about dreams, I recalled a dormant memory about my girlfriend back when I was a kid and through highschool. She was affraid that if she took a shower by herself and had to wash her eyes with soap a spook was gonna get her! So I had to ridiculously sit in the bathroom on the toilet seat while she took her shower!
From what I heard she still has this phobia to this day!

But it brings back a memory that was the onset of my physic abilities. My girlfriend had this dog. It was a white miniture poodle the cutest little thing you ever saw! She got him when he was a puppy and I was the one who named him (Fluffy) because he looked like a cottom ball! Well one day her parents let fluffy out in the backyard and he went missing! Me and my girlfriend were heart broken! I lived a few houses down the block. And I swear I could hear Fluffy barking! We would stand outside and walk down the block and I kept telling my girlfriend and her parents that I could hear Fluffy! They all listened and they laughed at me, telling me they didn't hear anything and that I was crazy! To stop this nonsence, He was gone! And get over it! Days past and I still heard him! Finally I was at the point I could hear his bark so clear I was going insane! So I grabbed my girlfriend and told her come on lets take a walk! We walked and walked several blocks all the way on the other side of the neighborhood! And we approached this house I could hear Fluffys bark getting louder and louder! We looked down the passage way of the house and Sure enough it was Fluffy in a strange backyard fenced in. My girlfriend was stunned in disbelief that we actually found him! We called the police and she got Fluffy back. Come to find out some man had dog napped fluffy right out of my girlfriends backyard and gave the dog to his debilitated mother for a present. Everybody was in disbelief of how I found the dog! I definitely had some psysic connection going on there!

I guess your wondering why I am telling you this and what this has to do with time travel?

I recalled another memory recently. Something strange and bizzare that I did as a kid. "As kids we do strange things."

Every Saturday night like a ritual me and my family would eat out at this Chineese restaurant. I would use the bathroom that had this huge mirror over on one wall. I would stand infront of this mirror like it was another dimention and pretended it had a handle and I could invisibly open it to another realm.

I happend to remember this because just this past weak me and my family took a special trip from Wisconsin to Chicago just to go there for dinner. I haven't been there in ages! The owners look like Shoaling Monks! They havent aged in all the years I have been going there! I used the bathroom and took a look at the same mirror that has to be at least 30 years old! I suddenly remembered this bizzare thing that I used to do when I was a child! And I said to myself how IRONIC! TIME HAS BEEN COUNTERINTUITIVE WITH ME ALL ALONG! meaning, At the time when I was a child I had no recollection or understanding of why I was doing that, or even thinking it! And now as I stood before the mirror I understood! I had a physic premonition of the Time Travel future. My life was re edited and cut out in certain segments. Time was mending and filling in the gaps.

This CAT doesn't miss a mouse that runs accross the floor! Did you see it or didn't you?

With all my physic abilities and premonitions and gut feelings. Somehow I know this whole time travel bit is wrong! Its all about control and manipulation! Humanity is being mocked and belittled and we are like ignorant slaves getting up in the morning, going about our business and laying down at nite to sleep! We are hypnotically under a deep trance! pretty soon when we are all spiritually fattened up we will walk trustfully and willingly dumbfounded to the slaughter house!


I think Shadow hit it on the head!

Clara, I vagualy remember you saying something about your mother in one of your past posts. That she never gave you enough attention as a child! From what I can make of you through the things you talk about in your posts, (and dont get me wrong Clara.) I'm just trying to be honest with you here! Its evident that you lack attention! You are screaming for people to hear you! And I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!

Do not disown your mother!
My advise, Take one step forward and 2 steps back! and get a bigger view of the picture! You are better and wiser! you are a survivor! Just consider the source and except her for the way she is! There is obviously no changing her...

But I think Shadow is correct in saying you could have some bad entities hanging around! Like Shadow and I have mentioned before about Mr. Iceman and Mr. Stingy Guts. They are in another dimention (invisible to your site) and they love making ones life hell! I think they like to stir things up! You must obviously have something of importance to it?

I'm not saying this is the case, but it could be a possibility?
Being that you talk allot about past family members.

Clara, bottom line again! Its all about control!

Why doesn't some brainiac of a scientist invent a weapon to detect these entities so at least we could see the enemy and know what were up against!

P.S. By the way Shadow it was Clara that said her daughter was being genetically manipulated by aliens.

I'm curious to know more about her?

Yes I agree I know what the problem is with my mother. She is

very selfish and manipulating. my husband and children know this

as well. she will do anything to get her way. I have been her

target and it is time I said NO! I will not let her manipulate

me anymore. Sometimes that requires us to move on. you cannot

stay around people if they kept doing these things even if it is

your own family members. I can forgive her but that doesn't mean

I have to subject myself to her crap. My brother has been a drug

addict for 40 years, herione ,cocaine ,anything. I tried to help

him for years and everytime he would attack me verbally. When I

had my children I had to decide not to have him in my life. It

was to dangerous. There are some things that cannot be cured. He

doesn't want help he likes being the way he is and I like being

safe. This is the very reason we have free will. I have the

choice to decide who I will allow in my life. the numbers have

helped me to realize this. they have shown me the dark side of

some people. These people are also being shown there dark side

but it never dawns on them what they are doing so the just keep

repeating the same old crap. But for me I decided to listen to

the numbers and watch what they were showing me so I could make

a better decision for myself and my family. My mother can choose

to manipulate or she could choose not to. She always chooses to

manipulate because that has become her survival method. It is a

pattern she has repeated over and over and she will continue to

repeat it until she sees the light. that is awarness of what she

is doing.I do not have to be present anymore when she chooses

this. she will have to find someone else to use it on. I will

not be her victum. Everyone on this planet has been abused in

one form or another. some more than others. It gets trapped in

our subconcous mind and we can't figure out why we are reacting

to certain situation the way we are. You have to dig deep to get

it to the surface. It is very painful but it is the only way to

cure it and like I said you can heal yourself but there may be

those around you who do not want to be healed. you must allow

them there choice and they will have to allow you yours. This

experience has taught me to watch what I do around my

children. There pyches are so very fragile. They need

encouragement and to know they are loved, they also need to be

allowed to make mistakes so they can learn . Maybe these so

called time travelers are trying to save my children from what I

went through. Maybe they can change our whole reality so the

future for us will be pleasant instead of getting worse. they

can't do it for us but they can show us how to do it. I guess

some people don't want to be shown they want to stay where they

are inside that dark little box being afraid to see the light.

the light is consiousness. Being aware of what you are doing to

the people around you. the choices you are making are effecting

the future. It would be wise to listen and learn that you have

a choice and can make good choices rather then contiue with the

status quo who are repeating over and over unhealthy choices.

Keeping us all bound to this hell we are creating. We are

individuals but we must learn to make choices based on our

oneness. Just start watching the people around you. Watch how

they are choosing ask yourself did they have to react that way

or could they have made a better choice.The sad thing is they

are not concious of what they are doing. thats all they know

because it is the only way they know to survive. The problem is

that when a society gains so much itelligence without having any

spiritual ability they end up on the threshold of annilation.

the leap has to occur in conciousness or we will destroy

ourselves . Some of us are choosing to make that leap even

though it is painful. If enough of us clear ourselves of all the

negitivity we will be able to raise the planet to a new level of

conciousness. there are only 2 choices here move forward or

parrish. God will destroy the world because we are GoD. All of us

together make up one big breathing entity.When we all realize we

are God then we will finally be able to take control of our own

destiny and create our own future. A child can never grow up and

be free to make choices until he takes reponsibily for his own

actions and neither can a planet.I hope we make the choice to

move forward because if reincaration is true then I would like

to come back to a peacfull planet not one in chaos. What we

create we will have to live on in the future. so wake up look

around be an observer. Watch how people choose and please learn

to choose differently. Just because some people are unconcious

doesn't mean you have to be. but just remember they are choosing

no matter what the situation.
Thats to bad Clara, you are a victum of your families circumstances.

There is an old saying that says you can choose your friends but you cant choose your family!

Thats unfortunate I'm sorry to hear that!

Well hang in there! If anyone has any influence in your situational matters its the man upstairs in the Oval Office!


>>>>this time I say NO<<<<

Good to see some backbone.

>>>>(Mom)she is manipulating and will do anything to get her way<<<<

A lot of people are like that. And its contagous especially among family members. Not that I know one way or another but it would be prudent to check your own act in that reguard.

>>>>Maybe thes so called time travelers are trying to save my children from what I went through<<<<

TTA would blow a corker over that one. Far as I know your ancestoral indian spirit guides don't take want or need flesh samples. If you ain't thoroughly terrified of the unknows that are messing with them then you gotta be 'under the influence' of something yourself.
ok you say my whole family is under some kind of influence. and

how do you know indian spirits don't need flesh samples. Spirits

aren't suppose to have bodies right. well maybe they do there

just not in them. All these people who say they are having

OBE's .Maybe spirits are having OBE's. I have had spirits in my

house but I have also seen a ship come through the woods into my

driveway and suddenly I was outside staring at a alien ( in my

opinion) wearing a white suit with a emblem on the right side

with long fingers and figure nails. Do demon wear spacesuits and

drive around in spaceships or are these time travelers. You know

what I felt safer with them in the woods then I ever have around

a bunch of humans in a big city. And about my daughter. she is

different from most kids she has her heart set on being an

anthropoligist and she's only 16. Maybe they did give her some

of there DNA. they certainly haven't hurt her .Who knows what

people will do in the future because they came to help us.

Maybe they will leave and not return for a few thousand years

when we need another upgrade of genetics. Maybe they would

upgrade your genetics if you would go sit in the woods for a

while who know what you might come back with. Maybe a cure for

cancer or a new energy device. but no your all to scared the

booga mans gonna get ya.



When you witness these things (aliens and their ships) do you have witnesses of anyone else seeing them aswell?

I dont think a alien space ship can just waltz right past your neighborhood and into your driveway without others witnessing it!

And if your daughter was mine! I would be sleeping with her at night. Alert and awake to catch those SOB's intruding your house without your authorization! I dont care if it was G-D! He at least would make himself known!

These Aliens come like a thief in the night and rob you of your possesions! "YOUR DAUGHTER!" because whatever you suspect they might me doing to her (good or bad) its hidden behind your back and therefore its a deceitfull act!

When you go to a doctor and he does a procedure on you, he has you sign a waver covering his practice because there could always be some complication or risk even under the sterilist and professionalist of conditions. But an honorable doctor makes these precautions known to you in advance so you know the risks.

Do these Alien bastards do that? NO!!!

To me they are hostile terrorists! They dont mess with me! They know I sleep with a 45 magnum at arms reach! And I'm the best skeet shooter around! I had a once in a lifetime paralizing exsperience in my sleep! The thoughts and possibilities of an alien abduction has never left my mind! Plus I had a mysterious malignancy that almost claimed my life!

They may be more advanced technically than us. But they lack spirituality! And thats exactly what they want from us!

"WE ARE", the more advanced species in that respect!!!

well actually there are no neighbors. This place is very remote.

It is a hollow way back in the moutains. it is a very beautiful

spot. funny thing is they taught me to locate things with my

mind. Its a simply trick. humans have no clue how the mind

works. You see everything you do you record in your mind. So you

can also retreive a record of something you have forgotten. Some

aliens abduct humans and then make them forget. These people can

access the memory if they know how. Then they can know who

abducted them. If your asking me to be afraid of them forget it

they are our ancestors and we know then from a very long time

ago. They are members of our family that is why it is called re-

menber.those of us that remember retrieve our memories from the

past when we knew them. Don't worry if you aren't Indian they

won't contact you. As for my daughter. She is fine and being

protected. clara

<<<<do demons have fancy underwear and slick star cruisers?>>>>

Last I heard yes.

But don't let that bother you. Hey if they mind their manors.......perhaps they're just looking for a spot of tea and some good conversation. Maybe your extraterrestial friends have chased the demonic riftraff over to....ah....yeah thats it, over to the Clinton White House where they keep stealing the "W" keys of the computers.

Also if you ain't lieing about this maybe you ought to keep it quiet before you start getting visits form something really scary like the US Army special opps division.

And as for sitting out in the woods begging for a DNA transplant. Thanks, but I'll pass on that one. Perhaps some other time.
RE: numeric coincidences to Shadow & Clara...


Lets face it, if the aliens are really at Clara's house don't you think she would want to keep it a secret?

Clara, can you give us some proof? (like pictures?) or are you just looking for attention! What sort of fulfillment are you looking to gain from this site?

Shadow, did you miss my post #70 above to you? About physic abilities and premonitions and my gut feeling about Time Travel?