"The future ain't what it used to be."

Occam versus Titor


Temporal Novice
John Titor - from the future or not?
Most likely outcome: not from the future.

So, if Titor is a hoax, what is the purpose of the hoax?
Intelligence op to debunk real time travel experiments and at the same time kill a community dedicated to free thought on exactly those topics most sensitive.

Evidence of similar ops in the past:
Documented inflitration of the UFO research community by intelligence agents, including the contactee hoaxes... the contactees included real information not known publicly at the time, access to military and political figures that seemed to promote belief in their veracity and so on.
The Titor hoax includes information that is correct and this leads a segment of the potential audience to believe everything put forward. Including the information that can only induce paranoiac behaviour. Thus the likely ringleaders of future problem groups self-identify by coming out in support of the Titor view of the future. Potential "domestic terrorists" thus identify themselves and make themselves much easier targets for capture or liquidation.

The most likely feeling engendered in those who hear of Titor's story and believe it is FEAR. Fear of a future where their way of life is gone. So the most likely result hoped for by the propagators of the hoax is increasing blind reliance on the government of the day and its paramilitary organs to prevent the terrible future. In the process, abridgement of civil liberties or anything else necessary will be tolerated in the context of preventing WW3 and a second American civil war.