oh man, what ARE you guys?

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this place is full of super nerds and serious whack jobs. whichever case you are, i think you seriously need some ass.
is John Titor believable?
personally i use this site to balance out the jock side of my life. ass isnt an issue. but you comming on here making claims such as this? that tells volumes about your character. matter of fact it probably means one of two things. you are a highschool kid who doesnt understand whats going on, and also doesnt get any love from the cheer leaders. or 2. you are a drunk mid 20's guy who again, aint getting enough love. Debunk that
to tell u the truth im here to make fun of a bunch of gullible whackos that are most likely nerds.
we all do things for pleasure, this is one of my hobbies.
<snickers> OT REPRESENT (oh no I've said too much)

I haven't said enough!

That's me in the corner!
Yes nokinok,

we are all nerds. You have found our secret hidey-hole. Now that you have found us you can go tell all your friends about this place - oh wait, now that you have actually posted here, doesn't that make you one of us guys?

You seem threatened that this place exists. Why? Because the topics are over your head and therefore you feel you must attack those that can discuss on this board?

And don't bring in the Titor cr@p. Find someone that believes in him 100% before making a arguement against us that doesn't hold water. I don't believe it, but it is a challenge to disprove.

Go on try to use your superior Jockness(is that what you call it?) and show us how stupid we all are. And don't use the word 'obviously' or anything like it.

Saying "it's obiviously a hoax" is not proof - it is an opinion!!

Hey man, this isn't some geek hangout. It's just some advanced discussion. Besides, if your so hung up on getting ass then that must mean you only have a limited supply! haha Beat it kid (no pun intended) [I take my jockstrap and slingshot it into nokinok's face. "Eyes up here Frodo."] lol
I know nokinok, hes that guy who licks his fathers arse crack when he gets hungry /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif. I say let this moronic dumb arse have is 'fun' if thats what you call it and let him be on his way - its not like he's going to make us lose any sleep over it /ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif
I think Nokinok should be made an honourary nerd since he obviously went to the trouble of registering and entering his password to post on this site. Isn't he a nice boy. Shall we offer him a jelly baby or do you think his mummy doesn't let him take sweets from strangers?
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