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Ok, first off I don't pretend to understand half of what is involved with Time Travel, {Hell, I can't even spell, much less work Quanton Pysics.} but it seems to me that time is far more then an idea invented by man. TIME is always running forward. That much I gleam from watching the universe work.

Ok, beings time exists, and you can't supress it, then how do you Travel in Time, past or future? Well, my cousin and I kicked around an idea untill we came up with Wormholes. Now, from the book I read, a Wormhole is a tunnel which leaves our timespace, and connects to anthour point in our timespace. Thus, it leaves our universe and enters a place where Time/Space doesn't exist in the same fashion that they do here. Hence, Subspace, or whatever you wish to deam it.

Ok, now if Wormholes exist in the way which I think they do, then subspace MUST exist, and if subspace exists, then why wouldn't it be possible to warp time/space to open a wormhole to the same Time/Space that you wished to travel to?

Of course then there is the problem of traveling to the future, well, since the future hasn't happened yet, wouldn't you just see a POSSIBLE future? Most prob the future most likely to happen at the time you travelled from. BUT, then what happens if something happens in YOUR present to make the Future which you traveled to very unlikely at best or even impossible?

Well, now that I've messed with everyone's head, I'll be off.

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The latest/greatest theories suggest that creating a wormhole seems to be the most "practical" way for time travel. However, it seems that you need to create what is called "exotic matter" to keep the wormhole from collapsing as soon as you try to walk through it. This exotic matter has NEGATIVE energy (whatever that means.)

That is what is needed evidently to distort and then stabilize space-time so that you can travel to any other coordinate.

If everything is predetermined, then if you succeed in travelling in time, it will be because you HAD to travel in time. So when you get to the future it will be the way it is supposed to be given that you just travelled there in time. There might even be some people waiting for you with a glass of your favorite brew to welcome you into the future!