"The future ain't what it used to be."

On access to relative realms in time travel.


On visiting relative same line realms or altered frequency realms, in excess from one hundred thousand years, to ten to twenty million years, there may be difficulty in getting to these realms?

The reason so, is that beings from one era to an alerted frequency not only in frequency. Time, may not have similar or compatible frequency resonate patterns to their being?

I don't know am not sure on this, however wanted to mention this anyway.
How about Hyper-Time is the only dimension, and everything else is a derivative from time unfolding in the Beginning?
Well, I am not sure, but energy would come from time unfolding, creating energy, and all higher forms.
I do not plan to prove it, but in the beginning if time was folded up upon its self, then because of some type of physics became a potential too great due to the Hyper-Time, then it blew up and the Universe or Multi-Universes started.

As to anything else, I do not really know.

I see some people talking about an aether, being used to create an absolute time, but mine is about the opposite, unfolding this Hyper-Time, makes everything slow down, and become as reality, except at the bounderies where time is still unfolding.

Anyway, who really knows?
I do not!
Re:Calification toppic

Sit down and re-read what has been written, very carefully.

This has nothing to do with energy expended, however access to too distant of times.

Say if you had wanted to go back to when the wizard's realm was in bloom and there was access to this port of call, in England via Stone Henge?

The wizard's realm predates the supposed channeled events of the very first Star Wars series, by George Lucas, as reported as a past life channeling, as told via Liza Given's radio series, Eye On Hollywood.

So what you looking at, is time distance to realms access, by time distance location, as the universe is always moving.

Re:Calification toppic

Leave it to creedo to come up with some of the most elegant, extravagant nonsense in the history of all time-distance realm subversions. But what he fails to realize is that, the tri-oscillation plate-voltage refraction unit with 27 ions can be extremely dangerous, but with a directly polarized photo-electric molecular reconstitutor, that number of ions can be constituted at one time.