"The future ain't what it used to be."

On legal tort, to file suet:


If it were found out at a later time that all sorts of aliens had obstructed the expression of Earthbased mankind.

This would be said for Earthbased man to be able to go into the cosmos and this would for aliens own selfish purposes.

This said, then there rises the possibility that Earthlings, or the descendants of, at a later date, could file grievances in a galactic based court, at a later date, for damages incurred against the heirs of these aliens.

This is one situation later-on, that the governments now are not looking at as a whole, however could be subject later to, within a named lawsuit, filed at a courts system; this is possable?

The case in precedent would be President Grant, verses the American Indians and the Indian blankets inoculated with cow pox virus.

These false gifts given, which had incurred great damaged to the Indian nations, during the time after the American Civil War.