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On stargate and time dimensional portals


Please note with this publication barrowed from tenya’ha groups.

That there have been both the Gibb's Models of an attempted mini-dimensional portals.
The one large was failed large transdimensioanl portal, (Note gibb's materials or his project, but another differnt group), which had, SAID, killed two and seriously hurt five others.

This is also valid intimation, that there are at'least two sets of large torrodial stile from Earth, to other star systems stargates.

These hidden from public view, stargates, beneath of the deserts of Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, stargates, and dimensional portals, which are said hidden, polished on the web-sci sites in print.

So this is an instance where myth, trails reality, only albeit, a short distance behind.

Thanks Cray, Hornbill and the MOP here.Creedo

Clobert Martin

There has been a lot of interest in so-called stargates on the www, but little scientific
discussion. A physicist thinks of a stargate as a traversable wormhole.

Now a wormhole is a shortcut tunnel through space and one that is traversable is one that
doesn't collapse on you or your spaceship when you enter its throat.

It is theoretically possible to traverse a wormhole from entrance to exit from point A to point B faster than light
would travel through normal space from point A to point B.

The concept of a traversable wormhole is derived from Einstein's theory of General
Relativity which is now the generally accepted theory of gravity.

Einstein's theory requires that space be continuous down to small scales and this is in
conflict with quantum theory which has finite limits on all mensuration.

New theories of gravity have been proposed, but I believe that we need to
understand what space is in order to understand gravity because physical space is something with
characteristics and properties.

In as much that, when understood, can lead us to solutions to
many of the technological barriers we have encountered in energy systems and
space transport systems.

I sort of favor some of the theories proposed by Indian nuclear engineer,
Parahamsa Tewari.

Tewari proposes that space (absolute vacuum) is postulated to be an incompressible,
homogeneous (continuous), non-viscous, and massless fluid that has a limiting speed of
flow at the speed of light.

In Tewari's model of the electron, he proposes a space-vortex structure where the space
fluid medium is rotating at the velocity of light around a void core.

This void is a true void without any physical structure or energy content.

Without detailing his model further at this point I want to extract this concept of the void and the medium to
propose a new model for stargates and wormholes.

The wormhole model I propose is a large scale rotation of the space medium in the form of a tunnel vortex between two points.

The hyperdimensional connection of the two points is through the void which has no inertial resistance.

As long as the wormhole is rotating, the rotation will stabilize the wormhole.
It should be possible to traverse such a wormhole at hyperfast speeds (superluminal velocities).

It is not easy to depart from accepted physics in order to propose new ideas that parallel some already well-developed ideas, but we need to indulge ourselves in creative thinking in order to solve practical problems.

Not that stargates and wormholes are on the top of the list as far as solving problems, but that they give us insight into the processes of the universe which will help us solve the
engineering problems necessary to advance our progress as a species.

There are suggestions that extraterrestrial entities are already using stargates to
effect travel through vast distances and times.

Well, better get back to one of my sci-fi shows, "Stargate SG-1".

At least I can accompany the SG-1 team on their adventures until someone finds a real

Clobert Martin
Executive Director
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Hello creedo299. I was very interested in your post about wormholes and portals, and I was curious as to wether or not you have gotten the chance to read my post, Circular Theory. Essentially what I'm saying is that if you had an object that can rotate at tremdously high speeds, infinite if need be, do you think that this rotation will cause some sort of manipulating of the space around it and thus a portal to either another time or another place far off. I always hear of theoritical physicists always describing sapce like water. Say we live in the water, 3 dimensions, ripples can occur on the curface of the water by dropping a stone, thus gravity. So I may be taking it to far but what happens when you stir something, you create a vortex or portal. I explain it better in the post. Read it if you can. I'm very interested in what you think. Thanks
Re: Chronologically impossible

Friends of EarthTR125.0121

I have not commented much on the last days, but this topic picked my interest. Actually you do not have to have the gate rotating nor moving at great, faster than light, speeds. All you need to have is two opposing rings, made of particicularly some carbon based compound, and charged at the same time surround it with an energy in-put greater than the 50 billion terawatt mark. Presently that amount of power can not be harnessed by Earthan technologies, but if they could be accessed we would create what physicist have termed a Kassimir Effect Vortex. Then by taking one of the rings to a distant part of the galaxy and leaving one on this Earth and stepping on the one of this world we would walk out the other ring wherever it is inour galaxy.

Creedo you will love this. To my knowledge the Pleyadeans built one too many of these gates, actually they deployed them near promising planets in order to have quick access to the civilizations living there on. Stepping through these portals is much more energy effecient than having a hyperdrive or translocation device activated. These devices only need the natural borne energy applied to them, the other two at this present time require powerful and ingenious technologies that would seem like fantasy to us.

Daniel I hope you are doing good, I have missed your communication, please let me know how you have been doing with Kardefeyl. Loving regards to all of the forum posters, even you my strangely loved TTA.
Until later becomes now.
Re: Colly-dogs are possible

Dear Sput'

Yes this is the Maxwellian equation, to where space and time, when effected by either a certain force, or frequency, does open up.

I am not a proponent of too much power, in order to accomplish this task.

All this act takes, is the right frequency, at the right duration and right length of time and the hole opens.
Re: Colly-dogs are possible

I agree,
He is a quick theory. Time & Space exist together and around us all the time. Like all energies, they all work off of frequencies. I believe if the right frequency was accomplished a portal can be opened on our side. Look at the universe like a map with pegs, each peg has a frequency. If we want to travel 200k light years to a distant planet, we find the frequency for that planet and transport there. The problem occurs when we discuss accuracy and landing points, you dont want to open a portal in a volcanic area or in space just outside the planet. This portal can open anywhere, and it can be very small. Imagine being able to sit at home and open a portal and transport to a distant planet or even a friends house.
Mars : Frequency 162.25
Grandmoms: Frequency 112.10

Wouldnt that be cool