On the Brink


Temporal Novice
Hello everyone, I'm new here and thought I'd post some of my recent thoughts/theories on time travel. I am a very sensitive person as far being aware of my surroundings, vibrations, and shifts in time. I have a feeling we are very close to major world change because of time travel. But, I don't think it will start out as transporting mass, or atleast not much of it; but it will consist of information sent back to now. This sounds like to safest way to start, in fact, now it's already happened. Basically, you just have to listen for it. I noticed it happening in the movie "The Song Remains the Same" by Led Zeppelin, the name gives it away. And just talking about it accelerates the changes that take place in the future. That is why we are getting closer to more of it at an alarming rate. The part that scares me is that we live in a world where information is power, and people fight over power. So anyway, I was thinking about this and thought that I would check it out on the web, saw the discussion form and here I am asking you what you think of my thoughts? I would really like to find out more about actual man-made laws regarding time travel, do they exist and what do they entail? Also, what do you think of using music as a means of time travel? As a musician, I get a great feeling about the possibility of that, which is complex, but as simple as a beat going this way or that and how far. Ok, enough for now, peace, Allen /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif
PS. Itis exciting to find a forum to talk about this.
ah very good observation. However, how would you send packets of information backwards in time? Any theory will do, just get one. well, any theory that makes sense anyway.

I am not saying that it is possible to see the future.

I am saying that it is impossible to see the future. However, I am saying that it is possible to see the past according to my theory, but it is not possible to interact with the past. Plz relpy to my other posts with your time travel theory.