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October 10, 1999 in a private lab the positive projection plane was energized with Tesla technology and the Fibonacci expansion plane opened with a huge spectacular Fibonacci Sprial growth aspect. The negative projection plane met the Fibonacci Sprial growth aspect and opened the first door to a quantum location.(all documented) Using String Theroy the locations and dates may be set with exact persion. The formulas and equations have been hidden and are safe. Help is needed to ready the equipment and first send a probe through the portal. Please let us know your EMail Address if you would like to join in the quest for the past. We need a large team as the effort to construct the equipment and provide the security for the project will be very hard. We will provide the non-disclosures and verifications needed to participate and become a team member in this event that will make history. The government is not involved and must not be.
You can become a team member. Any addition or accomplishment you make to the project will be credited to you or your group and you will be allowed to patent or copyright any work product that is provided. We want no recognition for this project or its technology only success.

Project Yesterday
Managing Director
I am interested and have been for a long time. I also have ideas. Whether they hold a grain of salt or not, I don't know. Somebody locked me out of these dicussions earlier, by counterfeiting my username. No matter-probably only a kid-couldn't be an adult. Anyway, post your e-mail address so that I may respond. Thank You.-or e-mail me.
So the ground-breaking private organization comes to the lowly internet discussion board, searching for help? Why not go to universities? I've heard that smart people willing to subvert authority sometimes hang out in those places.
Most people here have a level of anonyminity that precludes, to question certain aspects of anothers credibility; nonetheless we are gathered here to discuss & exchange ideas of Time~Travel, so why not take advantage of this board to recruit other "Potential Time~Travelers.

What the Hell, I'm Game!
[email protected]

"Everything you know, Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

you think you can keep that from the government? open active portal?...goodluck!
soon you will discover there is a way to detect these things. I'll bet they are at your house/lab right now. or you are being watched from "another location".
best of luck to you.
(you will need it.)


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I was wondering if you have sent a signal through you portal already. It would seem to me that this would be the first step as to the effects and stability of the portal. I simple transmission should be enough to tell you. If you have the ability to precisely set the time and space coordinates then sending a transmission of even a cheap device, like a “Mr. Microphone or walkie talky”, should work. The only modifications that may be needed is to make the antenna a unidirectional or beam. That beam should be focused at the center, the most stable part, of the portal. Then you will just need a receiver near the exit point of the portal. Analyze and compare the received transmission with the original transmission and you should be able to theorize and extrapolate the safety for any living thing to go through. Unless your focus is on other planets or planes. But I think not, that is a bit of a leap for a beginning project.
The fact of the matter if this portal truly exists at all, still remains to be seen. I have yet to receive any "Proof" as indicated to be sent to us, from the author of this thread.


"The jury is still out on this one."

thanks for the letter but dimensional openings ARE detectable.
bet we wont be hearing from ya no more.
goodluck in the future.
I sent each of you an Email and have had no response from you. Or request for non-disclosures is not negoitable. When you request the information and sign the non-disclosures then you will be provided what we promiced. Each of you have our Email address as it came with the Email that we send. We also included the response to all of you so that you could read our answer to your inquiries. This does not seem to be a complicated request to such intellegent entities as you. If you wish to Email us and get started then you are welcome if you deceide not to lots of luck.

Project Yesterday
Managing Director
you also responded in our email with the following instructions:] All other communications concerning the project or other discussions send to
the [email protected] as they will communicate with you on these
matters directly. I am only a research employee of the firm. Please send
mailing address or fax number so we can send you your non-disclosure.

The email address:] [email protected] is not responding!

I have sent you two email to inform you of this problem, and await your response.....
OK....Everybody that got the first letter entitled "answer to inquiry" pull it out and look at it.
Take a look at the top of the letter where it says: Cc: ][email protected] (had to put the < backwards on here for it to show up on board.)[BR>look really close at this. notice anything?
the "p" before director.
I wrote a letter with this address just to see what I would get and it is an invalid e-mail address.
so for one thing if there was a director it looks like he never got the Cc mail. sorry,I automatically over analyze everything. thats how you come to the truth though.


* dont know a lot about Cc mail though, did anyone else notice this?

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Once again your detective skills amaze me =). Good-job.

It's all you now... Care to explain? If you ask me, the evidence is quiet clear.

Let's all see how he manages out of this one =P.

-Javier C.
Pamela, You definately should become a detective! I've also noticed this person is a worse typist then I am. I wish this were on the level. The idea is thrilling but there are too many things here to make us distrust.
If you look closely at the address he said to send all mail to, you'll see that it's not spelt 'director', it's spelt 'driector'. This might be a spelling error, or it might mean that director_project was already taken at Hotmail, or it might mean that whoever signed up for the account was dyslexic.

Anyways, it is a tad odd that an organization concerned with secrecy is using a Hotmail account to send information to people who may or may not be security risks, with no solid proof of our identities. *sniff* *sniff* is that something fishy I smell?
Sounds like a load of BS to me. Don't waste any more of your time people.

Did anyone notice an increase in spam? This sort of thing is not uncommon.

As the Time Travel Admin I was quite upset not to revceive this letter! If anyone has it please send it to me - [email protected]. Thanks

P.S. Believe me as the world's leading temporal physicist, that this Super String therory to set locations and dates for "time travel" are a load of crap.

Formulas and equations? Here's one for you:


Sorry Director, I know for a fact you're lying.

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