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I honestly don't know an extensive amount on time travel, only what ive read online. I am also only 15...but i came to this site and saw the poll asking if we thought people from the future were visiting us. In my opnion, there is absolutely no way to tell. Here's why...
If you were to travel back in time, and not travel back to the present, you would technically relive your past. If you were to go back a week in time, you would have the knowledge and experience that you did one week ago, which would not include travelling back in time. So if we are being visited by travellers from the future, it is very possible they themselves would not know they had travelled in time.
Also, it is possible time travel will suceed so incredibly far into the future, they don't have the capabilities to travel back this far in the past.
It's also possible that if they were to travel back, because of the speed, the molecules in the body were scrambled, and they did in fact not survive the journey...
Please reply to this because im dying to hear an opinion on this!!!!
Hi Rachel'

to answer your thoughtfull question, if you take yourself out of time and travel backwards, then you yourself become to a state which is known as capsulaited time.

In other words, you are taken from the event of now and then become part of the time bubble that takes you backwards in time.

So when you get to a past time, there is then you and the situation that you find in the past.

You have the option of interfearing with the past, or not interfearing and only observing yourself in the past.

However remember, the past is going on all by itself and does not really need you to be the past?

To your second question, yes it is possable to be extracted from your current time, not to your knowlege and be put to use in another time, such as the fabeled quantum leap.

However this is where your time bubble melds with past events and actually whatyour doing, is transplacing the person who you bunped out of their reality, by temporaily takeing their place.

Yes this is possable to your last question, and these beings, may be physiologically differnt from people who are now around today.

What you must understand is, that every so many hundreds of thousands of years, a collection of this time, is put into storrage, so that this time is allociated to the past and a new set of years can come down to the current now.

This is similar to how thirty three and a third long playing records drop down, however in your mind envision these records to be so many hundreds of thousands of years.

In other words the time traveling portal in Ancient Atlantis is still working, however that time is not the current time.

A casuality in time travel is a casluality and once someone is lost, they are lost and uasually don't reappear.

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