Opinion poll, how do you, human maiting habbits?


Epochal Historian
With the vast amount of information that is now coming out in printed matter; this information as well as the web, on alien abductions of humans.These said aliens so innervating into their apparent biologies, how do you feel about aliens, as mating agents, for man's doings here on Earth?

The background is defiantly known, that Earth man, as is probably the case with even other off-world humanoid species, is a fostered race of beings......?

This means that early apelike, or even fish-like constituents so making the primal perfunctory being.
This being is as to what the shape of this being would be, was modified by a visiting alien species?

So as the biological production line goes, with all that is known about the Star-child phenomenon.
This is said reference to both Indigo and Crystal children, being a modified Earthbased species now know, how do you feel about aliens as procurers of humans mating particulars, in general.

Do you feel that since government can not balance its own chequebook, as was shown with the congressional accounts.
That in-kind the same case applies to humans, not knowing how to breed themselves effectively or safely, would apply to aliens visiting rule as well as management of humans as a species?

Or do you feel that since you might have absolute control over your pets breeding situations; as well as your daughters and family sibelings members, that alien interference into human mateings is an immoral situation?

Or with this new information should the human mating situation only be officiated by reference to religious organizations, or enforced family stiles of what is to be done?

Have your say here, as there is intimation that catastophy is due to come to humans in the short-tense.

How do you feel about outside contract management of human's biological stuffs, in order to produce hybrids; as well as to showhow preserve this race and or modify this race, for whoever's purpose?

This is an opinion poll and you well should have a say, or allowed input as to what will happen to the general biological heard structure of mankind.

Is what is being said via the information released by Dr. John E. Mack as well as Bud Hopkins in their books as well as sessions, tell of a process that is either good or bad?

Have your say here and thank you MOP, you're great as always.
My own story and how I goofed:

My own story and how I goofed:

I did not know everything about the mating habits of horses that I should have.

I thought that horses should go three months raising their foals and then be a eligible to re'mate then.

What I found out, was that in ten days time, you can turn around a mare and have her eligible for stud service.

The story is, that because of predators one can do this as predictors apparently since man has come along, before this time, ate a lot of horse foals.

This is why the ten day estrus cycle after a foal is born, in mares.

I did not know this and was shorted on this knowledge.

In the same respect, maybe aliens do not know all they should know about us, that they should?