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Opinions on "Timeline".


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Opinions on \"Timeline\".

Has anyone seen the movie "Timeline" yet? What do you think? Good movie? What about time travel in the movie? How do they treat the paradoxes? Any massive logic flaws? Post your opinions here.

Thank you!
Raul Burriel
Time Travel Institute
Re: Opinions on \"Timeline\".

I seen the movie. It was a good movie. But I think they left out a lot of good things
the book had. Like the extreme transcription errors of the cat (Wellsey) they sent back.
And the jousting with lances they had on the horses with the men. And more explanation on how the
technology worked.They hardly went into that at all in the movie but in the book it takes up
several pages.
The dispute about the MRI scans were not even discussed.
Even at the start of the book when the guy was saying "quantum foam makes me roam'" was
not even in the movie.Or the fact that he was rhyming everything and that the transcriptions
made his mind go crazy as well.
Most of the movie was the war between France and England in action.
Still I liked it and will buy the DVD and add it to my time travel movie collection.