Other Dimensions

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Hi it's Adam I just wanted to tell you Does anyone or anybody think and believe that other dimensions exist and How do we access them also What does anyone or anybody believe and think about the fourth dimension and so on?

I thought you as a CEO and your crew had this all figured out, why are you asking the question again?

I just wanted to see if you were listening I believe that their are other dimensions and from these dimensions you can access them either through your mind, machine, and portal or gateway also the dimensions include 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on it is like never ending many people have pyschic skills or abilities and they can do anything with their mind esp, mind over matter, telepathy, telekinsis, and so on with these skills or abilities they can open a doorway or portal to another dimension higher or lower. With machine the doorway or portal will open when the device is activated then you can step through and arrive in any dimension or dimensions. With a portal or gateway you know it will either open and close you have to be fast in order to step through it so you can arrive in another dimension or dimensions because if you don't you could either die or be stuck in that other dimension or dimensions. Well that's all for now I am done explaining this so far.
Well than Adam,

Explain the mechanics or principles and theory behind your Time Machine, And I will tell you if it sounds lagitimate to me.

But keep in mind that I am against time travel. My main purpose is to demote it!


P.S. and don't give me this cackamamie excuse its confidential! or else you can take your postings along with Ugly Bobs and banboozle your butts back to Bangcock.

Could it be that you are here just trying to draw attention off of the FILTHYDUCKSOUKSOUP scandal?

Me too.

>>>>>>Other dimensions<<<<

What is a dimension and why would I want to go there?