"The future ain't what it used to be."

Out of Chaos comes order, and the truth.


Hi all,

I have to say, i am very excited by what i have read on this bulletin board. The level of knowledge and imagination here is astounding. To this end, i am proposing the formation of a Co-operative effort open to any one with an opinion or idea, who wishes to be a part of what i beleive is the last frontier of human knowledge. What i am proposing will simply be a frame work in which members can work. A constitution setting out the rules and procedures of the co=operative would be the first order of the day. There are so many great theories, and even greater minds behind them, but we seem to be working alone. Lets get together and make history. If you are interested, or have some other idea's let me know. Carpe Diem.

Yours humbly

your a goose. what doyou think this bulletin board is all about. The fatc that you even suggest such an idea would make me not want to join forces with a person such as you. This board is here for all to do exactly what you suggest. So, instea of trying to take control through suggesting administrative idea's why dont you chip in to the other discussions.
Dear 3beat,

There are institutions out there that already exist for such the purpose of collaboration. Not all the people on this forum work alone and many maybe involved actively in bringing forth advanced and innotvative technology.

None the less any new institution is good in my eyes and so I say may your institution come up with valuable information.

My hopes is that after all the private institutions have accomplished great tasks that in the future as these institutions become extremely big and powerful that all of them would merge into a corporation thus sharing all of their discoveries and talents to create much larger accomplishments by using what they have gained in technology to accelerate the rate of technological advancement in technology.

Hopefully this, if it accurs, will allow the star-trek age to come in the next few years rather then in the next few centuries. I wander how long it will take before we humans will have accomplished all that we are capable on acount of accomplishing the development of that which is at the very limit of the capabilities of human imagination.

Does anyone here think that we humans have a limit to that which we can imagine? Do you think that within the next hundred years that it is possible that we will reach the very bounds of human imagination making it impossible to advance further on acount that it would require a miracle.

That is, for someone to imagine some device greater then the greatest device of all which is beyond the possible perameters of the human mind and spirit which are set by mathematical laws even yet be they ever so complex?


Edwin G. Schasteen Please forgive my bad grammar if it is bad.

I don't believe fred is afraid of anything. We have worked hard to make this board what it is, and even though i don't completely understand 3beat's intentions - yes there are some great minds here and we do have good theories, and what do you mean we are alone? Certainly not. There are many people here loyal to his board.


I'm confused here.

Where did I ever say anything about being alone?

I merely asked fred what he was afraid of.

He does seem to fear some sort of organized thought collaboration as 3beat suggests, but I'm hard pressed to understand why he (fred) had to resort to a personal attack on 3beat to express it.

What am I missing here?