"The future ain't what it used to be."

Paradox - Explanation




Classical Argument: A man today goes back to yesterday and kills himself, how could he live today?

Explanation: If is went back to yesterday, would he be one day younger? Is yesterday his past or future? If it is his past, and he is one day younger, then he would die when travelling to 1800 or 2300.

If it is his future, then the events are consistent. He kills himself yesterday, but yesterday is his future. There are two yesterdays, one in his real past, and the new one in his future. There are also two of him, he kills himself once, but there is another one and the orginal past is not unaffected, since the murder occurs in the future relative to the original past.

If he then returns a second time to yesterday after returning to today, he has created two todays and two yesterdays, and one original yesterday. He would see two of himself (one dead) but that would be a new yesterday. His lifespan would be the same, he is only travelling to different places in time, but they are different places to the earlier ones.

This would mean that there is no continuity in time, just a series of events on a timeline.

Does this violate quantum laws?

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