Paradox, the loop, and when does it all end.

Alpha Romeo

Temporal Novice
Has anyone come up with a way to skirt a paradox or a way to escape from one. Is it even possable. Here's a few questions I have. Perhaps someone could come up with a answer.
The Paradox:
Let's say you go back in time and kill your dad before you were born. Would you still exist? How could you since you'll never be born now.
The Loop:
You go back in time and fall in love with a woman(girls just think for a moment). You then proceed to conceive a child. Later after you return to your time, you learn that it was your great grandmother, which means you are your own great grandfather. Would you even have exsisted without a temperal intervention.
When does it all end?:
The really big question I suppose I would have is since time can be said to have a past, present, and future what is the final destination. Is time infinite? Will it always go on, even after we have ended. Will it fall back and twist on itself in one big loop, and us stuck to keep repeating every day of our life from birth to death. Or will it just come all crashing down? Are we actually living on borrowed time, and in the end having to give it all back in one huge payment.
There is just way to many variables, but it kind of tickles the imagination. What does everybody think?
well i'm sort of living in a time loop every day cause i'm reliving it every day even though it keeps revealing this stuff in my dreams in all but i still can't change my own future that part i haven't mastered as of yet
and don't know if i'm gonna master it any time soon...