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If a man creates a timemachine that is able to step back in time,
there will, without any doubt, also be someone that is against timetravelling.

At some time they will have the opportunity to go back in time and prevent
the machine from being invented. Logically the machine cannot ever be invented.

It's existence would also prevent it's own existence.
So how can it ever be invented?
Hello Leifstyle,

I believe that the machine creates its own causality.

The machine will be invented regardless, how else would the person be able to attempt to stop it?

The existence of a time machine causes echoes of probability to follow along a certain timeline.
(Or to diverge from it)

But as was said infinite probability makes enforcement difficult.

Atleast thats what I think, your mileage may vary.

the butterfly effect also plays a role in this, what if later down the road another time machine is created and they go back tos top the first one from being destroyed?
The butterfly effect holds true for the observer, yes.

They would see and sense changes that others might not be aware of.

Imagine an infinite number of mirrors, by looking at your reflection, can you pick the one that is really you? I believe that we're able to travel within our own lifetime.

The existence of multiple instruments causes divergence or convergence to a base timeline.

Imagine an infinite number of mirrors, by looking at your reflection, can you pick the one that is really you? I believe that we're able to travel within our own lifetime.

Dr. Samuel Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap Accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself...

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My point is that a timemachine can NEVER be invented in the first place,
so they wouldn't (or couldn't) go back to save it from being destroyed,

1. A timemachine can't be invented - It's existence would also prevent
it from ever being created. Let's say the Anti Time Travel Organization (ATTO)
goes back in time, and kills the inventors mother or grandmother before
the inventor is born. Then he would never be born and the machine would
not be invented. Paradox.

2. There would not be any reason to go back in time (see point 1.)

3. They couldn't have a timemachine (see point 1.)
but according to the multiple world-line theory, there would be a world-line where this ATTO group never existed and then the time machine would never be destroyed.

or there would be a world-line where the ATTO group existed, but never destroyed the machine, and another where the ATTO all die trying, and so on, and so on, so yes, time travel would still exist because there would be numerous world lines which the time machine is never destroyed.
"Numerous world lines"... Where's the logic?

I've heard of this theory many times, and I think it was made up,
so the concept of timetravel wouldn't seem impossible.
Maybe a magic little Elf turns all the ATTO's in to bugs,
and squish them

There's not really any logic in the theory.

I'm not for or against timetravel. I try to think logically,
and it tells me that it would never be possible.

However... There are also holes in my teory.
For example: If a man was about to invent a timemachine today,
it should be prevented by ATTO from the future.
But this would mean that the future had already happened,
and nothing we ever did mattered because the outcome
of our decisions would be the same regardless of the choices we made.

This theory is logical if a timemachine could exist.

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Interesting idea, but consider this.

The ATTO realise the that by preventing the building of a time machine in the past, they prevent their own existance. Therefore they may decide to only patrol time travellers after their own conception. Ala TimeCop if you will.

Perhaps Javier could have offered you a membership to his group...

Hi JamesAnthony.

Consider this...

After the machine is build, a fanatic GreenPeace member
goes back in time and spreads a virus that kills the entire human race
a long time before the machine is invented. He's aware that it will
erase his own existence, but he's fanatic and thinks the
world is a real [censored]-hole, so he does it anyway?

Maybe he will be stopped before he can do it,
but in time someone WILL succeed. It's inevitable.

I haven't yet read a theory that cancels out mine.
I haven't yet seen a logic explanation of why anyone couldn't
prevent the machine from being invented or build.

Come on TimeBusters!... Give me a challenge!
maybe the creation of a time machine would lead to the creation of multiple universes, as to prevent the paradox mentioned, a Terminatior paradox.

Ive thought of this before and can only trhink of 2 endings.

1. The ATTO would succeed, and instantly, unknowingly, create an alternate timeline to maintain the balance in the multiverse (assuming the multiverse attempts to balance itself to prevent a collapse, but that could lead to the belief that the multiverse is a concious being, but we should discuss this later).

2. they would try and try and try, but would never succeed. everythoing would go wrong,. from the machine having a cricket in the computer, to a nuclear weapon going off just as the time traveler arrives in the destination.

I heard this theory on the discovery channel, and I like it, so Ill stick to it
Hi Relativity.

This sound interesting. I have 2 theories based on your idead.
WHEN (not if) the ATTO succeeds:

1. They instantly return to their own time with no memory of the trip
and maybe an altered memory of their past. An altered reality.

2. The exact moment they prevent the invetion of the timemachine,
they dissappear like they never existed, and the past becomes
presence with the future yet to come.
Mein Schlüssel hinter hier, ist ja, Sigmundsafron, die besagte Ziffer nahe Austin war korrekt.

Is the key to allowing time travel, making wonderful motion pictures about it?

Imagine an infinite number of mirrors, by looking at your reflection, can you pick the one that is really you?

Sorry about the long delay in responding. I hadn't seen this thread. Busy, I suppose.

The answer is absolutely "yes" - of course I could pick out the real image from the mirror reflections.

The real image in exothermic.