Parallel Tracks aren't possible...?

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Parallel Tracks aren\'t possible...?

I'm a newcomer to this site, but I've been fascinated with time travel for years...
Nevermind. Query - Regarding parallel time tracks - they can't run "parallel" to our own if they are created from precise moments in time, and certain actions made - they would branch out, not run parallel. But if this were true, this would mean that time itself had a fixed point of origin. If not, that would mean there were a fixed number of "time tracks", all running parallel, limiting the number of alternate dimensions. Any thoughts on this? Or am I just spouting nonsense?
RE: Parallel Tracks aren\'t possible...?

go to for the answer to this question. It is too lengthy to totally post it here.


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RE: Parallel Tracks aren\'t possible...?

Slight point. What if those streams of time branched out, then further down the river reconnected. Would it be possable for any action along one junction of time stear its course in which it matched another. Would these two different sets of alternate histories then become one. Time would almost look like the Amazon river winding,branching,then reconnecting over and over again. Somebody better get out the paddle, rapids ahead.