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I am reading the book, STAR WAVE, by Fred Alan Wolf. In it he describes paralell universes. I have a question. When i think of parallel universes, i think of layers, much like a pad of paper in a notebook. (stop me at anytime if this in not accurate), Each seperate universe is slightly different from the previous. What is in between these "sheets of paper"? or seperate universes? It doesnt seem logical to think conventional space seperates them, because, if that were the case, wouldnt we be able to travel freely between the two? Can someone clear this up for me? Thank you.
The notion of parallel universes results from the idea that there is some complicated quantum mechanical wave function that describes the universe and all of contents. If you are familiar with quantum mechanics, you know that a wave function tells basically what the probability that a certain state is occupied.
That is one way that parallel universes can be introduced in physics. The other way actually comes in from General Relativity. In GR when you look at Schwarschild black holes and draw their Penrose diagram, there is a region which can be described as a parallel universe, it is on the opposite side of the event horizon. It is possible to get to this universe by passing through the event horizon in our universe and avoiding the singularity.

I suppose your analogy could be used, so having parallel sheets of paper with each sheet representing a different universe. It may be possible to travel through the region between these sheets, called Hyperspace, using wormholes or less likely Schwarschild black holes.
If time came into existence at the Big Bang, then that's when all the "worlds" in the many-worlds interpretation of QM (MWI) came into existence, if that's what you mean by "parallel universes". This is classically speaking. The issue is far from clear if you consider quantum gravity. The "worlds" in MWI correspond to different possible quantum histories. But in quantum gravity, individual histories might not correspond to anything like a classical spacetime at all.

As for time travel, who knows. Time travel doesn't seem to be built into quantum mechanics, and standard MWI doesn't allow travel between "worlds".
>>>whats inbetween parallel universes?<<<<

Time = Mind

I totally refute the standard theory which assumes that 'the realities' are held together by commercial breaks, advertisments, or even by "words from our sponsor". Advertisments are way out there but can hardly reach to even the closest paralell world.

Reality is a mind-matter sandwich. (usually BS on rye around here)
In STAR WAVE, Wolf describes a dream in which he claimed to be both concious in his dream, and in reality. In other words, he knew he was sleeping and yet, he was concious in his dream, what he saw macthed what he felt, and vice-versa. He claims his mind journeyed to a parallel universe. What do you think, could this be possible? According to him, it is. My question is how?
Now THAT is something I would like to know myself since I have had similiar experiences like that.
Thanks for the book reference, I am going to go and purchase that book sounds interesting.
I am at this moment reading a book by Fred Alan wolf, phd. called "Mind into matter". It has some new ideas in it on quantum physics.
I see in the front Star Wave was an older book by him.
mind into matter was copyrighted in 2001. It could be his latest.
About comparing your parallel universes to sheets of paper.
Let me tell you what Mr. Wolf says about that in his book.

He kind of explains that if you see parallel universes as sheets of paper then you can think of the endpoints as punched holes that go through every sheet.

Our knowledge and present awareness depends on its relationship with both the one actual past event and the one destined future event that punches through all of the parallel realities in which we exist.

What we experience now depends on both the past and the future
in new and unexpected ways.
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Coherent boy,
here is Dr. Fred Alan Wolf's web site he had listed in his book:

maybe you could ask him yourself.
I beleive if you have a question...go to the source.
they always have the best answers!

His email address is: [email protected]

and can be found on this page: