"The future ain't what it used to be."




it ocurred to me today,that what we percieve around us is actually what happend a fraction of time ago,due to the delay that our senses experience in processing information,it would follow that your next perception would be a fraction in the past and so on...so what every body sees on a day to day bases is actually a picture of the past...so the next time somebody accuses you of living in the past just say .." ye i guess we are".
It sort of belies the concept of "real time". Even machines have a processing lag time. It may also mean that there is no such thing as "now", only past and future. Eliminating "now" gives us one concept to worry about.
Correction: The last sentence should read:

Eliminating "now" gives us one less concept to worry about.
Actualy, "Time" for the lack of it being an existing entity onto it's own, is rather a "constant" that continues to loop back upon itself, blending the past & future together as one, and only in this dimension, do we perceive it to be as two seperate elements.

Picture if you will, another dimensional state of existence where the "Now" exists not as the "present" like we perceive in our dimension, but a state of being, where the future, and the past are one, and within it, all states of probabilities are happening all at once!

I hope that this concept sheds a little light at the end of your tunnel of continuum.

Could it be that the ideal of past, present and future are nothing more than human concepts that we use to express the order of event as we perceive them? If time is the some total of what we call past, present and future could it also be that time is nothing more then a human concept that exist as a function of our own existence? Na that would be to easy!
Perhaps we should look for the simplest solution. All to often we imply complexity where none exist. Do you really belive that if we did not exist that time would?
Well, if you do that is understandable, however how long does one follow a path without questioning the validity of that path? ah I've said to much, as they say TIME will tell.
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From: http://unisci.com/stories/20001/0317006.htm

Human Brain Lives In The Past, By 80 Milliseconds

If you think you're living in the past, you're right -­ and science can tell you just how far behind the times you are. According to a new Salk study, it's at least 80 milliseconds, just slightly longer than the blink of an eye.