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Perhaps If We Look to the Beginning..


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I was reading a book written by S.L. McGregor Mathers ( The Kaballah Unveiled )( on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Website ) and was struck by some of the information. In sections 29, 30, 34, 35, 36, and 42 I believe he brings to light some important elements to possible time travel. He discusses the origination of God and all creation. The "dance" between existence and non-existence created vibration and resulted ultimately with all that there is. He goes to mention that the term in the bible that states "First was The Word..." was mistranslated and the correct terminology was.." First was The SOUND ". Hummm.....
As he goes into depth of creation I feel that he hits upon some basic principles that need to be further understood to make time travel a reality.

I think any of you reading this would be interested in what he presents...although religious in nature..has very thought provoking ideals. I would like to hear other perspectives/ opinions from others who read Mathers work.
Although I am not familar with his research, I do have a thought provoking scriptural reference. Assuming that all we are to discover is to be used in accordance with God's purpose, if time travel becomes a reality and prehistory pinpointing accuracy is available..what do you suppose "You will bruise him in the head and he will bruise you in the heel" means to a time traveler?
what do you suppose "You will bruise him in the head and he will bruise you in the heel" means to a time traveler?

Sounds like a spinning back-kick to the head, from anyone.

As it is, I can't find any reference to the translation of which you speak. Can you elaborate on the "the word"/"the sound" thing, please? The actual word in Greek (or would it be Hebrew, I'm not sure with Genesis) would be gravy.

I would be immediately suspect of anyone claiming "mistranslation". This is the stuff of fanaticism. Usually the "correct interpretation" benefits the pseudo interpreter towards his own particular point of of view. A "sound" can occur without the benefit of intelligence. A "word" cannot. One is cause--the other is effect. The word signifies much more than the sound it produces. It is information. It has purpose and meaning. It has substance. It bridges the gap between subject and object.

The scripture Crown refers to is a time prophecy and a crux of the entire Christian religion. It was foretelling a messiah that would come to rectify what had just transpired--seduction into sin. It was the entire basis for hope and reconciliation. Every generation from that point believed that their generation would be the one that produced messiah. Our generation is seeking to try and fulfill that vision just as all others have before them. In a very real sense, it defined the human condition and the means by which it would be rectified. From that point forward, an "enmity" was placed between womankind and evil as represented by the serpent. Since this was not given to the man, it is implied that man has a natural "affinity" with the evil. As it stood, they could have never reconciled except for the simple fact that the object of the woman was continually toward the man. The irreconcilable became reconciled with a third element (as so many other things do). With the advent of messiah, it will become "perfectly" reconciled.

I am sure Crown has a well-thought-out theory as to how this applies to time travel. From what I have seen of his and your postings so far, your "theories" seem to be based on others' false assumptions. That is not a put down. However, what we are trying to do here is get down to the "truth" about what timetravel really entails. As such, we all have to rely on the false assumptions that science has given us in the past. If what you are looking for here is the truth of the matter and not "fuel" for your own subjective viewpoint, you have come to the right place. If not, well, be prepared for a critique that may not be to your liking. This forum can be very unforgiving. By all means, please share your inspiration. For all we know, you may hold the keys. But, then again.....
I would be immediately suspect of anyone claiming "mistranslation". This is the stuff of fanaticism.

Actually, if there is a case for it (and the person can present evidence of which word is mistranslated, and his reasons) then it can be very true.

There's a very good case to be made for the Bible not condemning homosexuality, for example, rather condemning child prostitutes and those who hire them.

I mean, you are right to be wary, but I think it's been bourne out by enough evidence that the King James bible isn't the inerrant word of God that many believe it to be. As the field of linguistics goes on and we get a better understanding, we get greater knowledge and uncover mistakes of the past.

I have read your comments carefully and have given considerable thought to your repsonse to my posting. The first thing that I am struck with is that you have not read any of Mathers work, so I don't feel the need to expand on that point any further. Anybody who relates the Kabbalah as the crux of Christian religion hasn't run that by too many Christians. However, since this forum isn't about religious debate, I will once again refrain from further pursuit on this subject.
As far as reading my other posts...my other two were regarding two dreams that involved time travel. No mention of anybody's assumptions were contained within those postings.

My theory on time travel involves trying to get to the basic components of the event and all that could be involved. If I walk outside to a designated spot, turn around and walk back...my here and now moment has become a "there" and "then" event.
What basic factors were involved and what process is required to get back to that particular "here" and "now" ? By relating what was stated in Mathers works...especially those sections I referenced in my post...gives a hint at perhaps what components are at work at that juncture "in time". What exactly is the "here" and "now" moment ? How can one regain that exact "here" and "now"? If I where to reproduce the exact location of each particle and each one's exact vibrational frequency...would I have successfully travelled back in time? Or would it merely be a copy of the original event? And would a copy be considered success?

Would the imprint of the original moment on the particles involved taint my attempt at reconstructing( if reconstructing is actually what is being done in time travel ) the "here" and "now" ? Or perhaps if I could somehow utilize particules that are pure and untouched by chronological events to re-produce that moment? And after that "here" and "now" has gone...where did it go?

At what stage would time travel be considered successful...to experience a narrow event that occurred( if I was to re-experience my walk outside but without the rest of the environment and everything else )? Would time travel be considered a success if one simply had an awareness during an event that occurred in our history?

In my quest to satisfy these answers I will look to any source ( fact or myth ) to see if the information contained within can be plugged into my "formula". Not all discoveries will pan out...
but nothing seems to have worked for you yet so far...so we are even on that score!

"Dance with the Devil...You have to Pay His Price!"
So thats what you were reading, eh, I've heard of it, but from people who know these things in depth, unlike me, they said it was just garbage.

I never read it for that reason, and thats not the book I was reffering to in the other post.
new world translation testiment
gen 3:15,22
gen 22:17

The first lie is the origin of sin-it set all confusion and conflict into motion as well as the bioligical hand of god being removed from our infantile backs ("the tree of life" being concealed). We stumble due to a lack of balance which requires God. This balance is required to navigate the"narrow path".
I looked up the passage that mentioned the "mistranslation". Actually it turned out to be in a book written about Chanting. It stated the mis-translated word was "logos". It went on to say that the word could either be used as "word" or "sound". So..You were right...it was altered to fit the authors idealology. However, in looking up the word "logos" in a greek to english dictionary, it claims that "logos" actually means ratio. So the real translation should be " In the Beginning was the.....Ratio!"

" In the Beginning was the.....Ratio!"
And this is also technically accurate! Not only to those who hold the Golden Mean Ratio in high regard, because the GMR shows up in so many natural structures and processes. But also because one of the most technically advanced sciences of our generation (closed-loop control systems) is also based upon the mathematical organizations of RATIOs of Output energy to Input energy. This is the concept of "gain", which is also referred to as "scale factor" or "sensitivity".

The ratio of what one perceives (senses) to what one achieves (commands) is the most important measure of energy for any specific goal that an individual soul wishes to see manifest.

When each of us understands the concept of "gain", we can all create whatever result we wish, in a very efficient manner.


I guess you won't be surprised to find out that the Golden Mean Ratio (or the Golden Section for that matter) is used in my profession as well... It is (or was) used - amongst other things - to define the perfect live area of a page.

Just felt like sharing that