"The future ain't what it used to be."



I am going to do an experiment this is just a test I am going to put an ant into my small device and turn it on and see what happens if it is successful then I'll let you know and that is fine with me but if it is failure then I'll let you know and that is fine with me too I am trying to accomplish teleportation if something happens then that is great but if something doesn't happen then that sucks I will try other insects or bugs and other smaller animals or mammals too later on remember this is just a test.
I have just did the test of the small ant and when using my device I found out that when I killed it and put it into the device and turned it on the ant was moving and I don't mean it came back to life but it moved alot or alittle and no it didn't teleport but later with other smaller insects/bugs or animals that one day I will be able to teleport these insects/bugs or animals somewhere like Mike did with his device with the butterfly or whatever it was!

It was a Ladybug that satanist Mike used in his wicked exsperiment!

Dont you remember? I DO!!! You said it in your own post to to Mike!

You are to young to have memory loss deficite disorder!

How do you exspect anyone to believe you, or what you have seen if you yourself can't even remember what you posted?

That is just mean Cat why are you being mean to me I haven't done anything wrong I am not evil I am a nice guy God is what life is all about if you choose wrong then your wrong if you choose right then your right remember he gave use free will to choice what to do and we are all special in a certain way we are his children because he created us and so forth. If I remember then I remember but if I don't then I don't I am not the bad guy so don't blame me. Sorry for being serious but it is the truth and no I don't want to make you angry or mad at me that isn't my intention.

I didnt say "you" were evil, I was refering to Mike!

I don't think I'm being mean at all, its just an overall observation that I've seen Glaciers move faster than your brain!

You are sweet but very naive! And I mean that nicely!

I think your brain is still in the infancy developmental stages! You need structure from proper adult mentors in your life!

quit pacing your room like a wild animal! get out of your staticky socks and take a step out of your bedroom door once in a while and not just to the food cupboard! You need a long reality walk! I'd also tell your mom to book you an eye exam before things get any worse!

You know I heard junk food causes blindness!

Stay sweet,

Hi Cat it's Adam I just wanted to say thanks for the compliment sorry can't spell that word I am not perfect you know getting to know God and Jesus is the best thing to know and learn even though I am Mormon I still don't bash other religions and people as well I am honest and have an open mind to alot of things I am really not a bad guy I help my family and so forth my organization is private so I can't really tell you what has been happening but I did the experiment and found out that the ant moved alittle or alot when it was turned on even though it was dead. What else do you what to know? it will have to be private you know email though!