"The future ain't what it used to be."



Temporal Novice
I have been reading a science or physics book and it says if you want to time travel then superstrings will allow to time travel to anywhere like parallel universes or worlds, higher and lower dimensions, Heaven and Hell, alternative pasts, presents, and futures and even to our farther past, near future, and farther future if this is true then anything is possible our world is so wrapped up into religion and politics that it makes me sick I believe if you combine them all like religion, science, technology and so forth then we will have the true meaning of everything including the paranormal as well as time travel/teleportation and the theory of superstrings does exists if you find it then you will learn if you don't find it then you won't learn. Back then our scientists couldn't do anything but now they can they learn the basics of everything if they find out that the superstring theory is correct and then time travel will be made I believe that CERN will make time travel possible in our near future maybe not soon but they might anyways all I hope is that they don't give time travel to the government though then hell will break loose anyways because the government has been covering up and lieing to us for many years and if they get the ability to time travel then they could either change history or correct history I am a nonbeliever when it comes to the government I will leave it at that! What your wondering right now am I a loser well I am not I love physics and other stuff as well my research and time is writing equations, stories, articles, reading, writing, and other things too and no I am not a crackpot or nut what I believe is what I believe and it is not nobodies business except my friends who I talk with!